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The Justice system

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As you go out to vote, think of the justice system in Malaysia, urges our special correspondent Pro-justice.The way justice and legal systems function
in Malaysia is a serious cause for concern. The call by a government
minister to journalists and reporters to report “responsibly” (meaning
protect the powers-that-be) rather than the truth sent shivers down the
spines of Malaysians!

Then we had the Law Minister, Nazri, shamelessly saying that the concept of separation of powers between the legislative, judiciary and executive is too idealistic to be implemented in this country!

For example, there is no Witness Protection Act, something the same  minister was unaware of.  The police, the ACA and other investigating authorities don’t seem to be interested in the message conveyed by whistleblowers but go ruthlessly and relentlessly after the messenger.  Anwar Ibrahim and the V K Lingam’s brother are just two of the victims.  Anyone brokering the appointment of judges, fixing cases and and fixing judges must surely be out of his mind, a veritable lunatic fit for an asylum.  But no!  In our system he is amply “protected” so that powers that be can be protected. The whistleblower is the one considered a psychiatric case and of unsound mind.

I’m reminded of a judge in Roman history.  The Romans gave us many fine laws.  They also gave us Draco, the cruel and ruthless lawmaker, from whom we get the word “draconian”, which aptly describes the ISA.  Below is an example of Piso’s justice:

There was also Piso Seneca tells us that Piso condemned a man, based on circumstantial evidence, for  murder. When the suspect was being readied for the execution, the man supposed to have been murdered appeared.  The centurion in charge sent the prisoner to Piso and explained the case to him whereupon the judge condemned all three to death. The condemned man was executed because the death sentence had been passed upon him, the centurion because he had disobeyed orders and the man supposed to have been murdered because he had been the cause of death of two innocent men. And the judge proclaimed fiat justitia ruat caclum (let justice be done though  the heavens should fall).

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