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Betraying the Bangsa Rakyat

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What spurs someone to light a candle? And what drives the authorities to do what they do, wonders Rakyat@work.

I feel compelled to share this so that all of us will know, what and how this nation can be viewed as betraying its own citizens. What you are about to read is without any political motives: it is written by a normal, sensible, ordinary family person who has to put up with all sorts of intimidations by the authorities in this country.

What is it that drives a person to take to the streets with candles to make a statement? Many more people are asking this question, even today. Are there no better things to do? Is it to get attention? Is it because of need to become popular? Or is it the desire to escape the daily routine? Is it the fear of losing one’s freedom? Or is it concern for the future of our children? All the above may be possible reasons why some of us attended the Abolish ISA vigils since 12 September 2008.

For me it was about getting rid of the ISA and concern for the future of my children – but that’s besides the point. Whatever reasons people had for attending the vigils, it’s never about creating disharmony nor causing anybody inconvenience except for those who harbour ulterior motives and fear in their hearts and souls – which thank goodness did not come from those participating in the vigils.

Those who have eyes, let them see and those who have ears, let them listen and those who have hearts, let them feel – the voices of  the children, teenagers and even senior citizens. They are your normal brothers and sisters, your uncles and aunts, your fathers and mothers, your grandfathers and grand mothers and your friends, the bangsa rakyat of Malaysia. Are these the people who plan to threaten national security? All these people ever brought with them are ONLY candles, for heavens sake. Are there any proven records that show that these candles are capable of inflicting injuries compared to what police batons can do? Or are they capable of upsetting the morality of the public? What is it that the authorities are so afraid of?  It is astonishing what logic and intelligence levels the authority have to use before drawing their conclusions. It is an insult to Malaysians and defies common sense.

The rakyat were participating at the twelfth Sunday vigil despite the infamous local 911 (9 Nov) incident in which  no less than 20 people were reportedly detained ruthlessly and  recklessly – clearly an injudicious decision by the authorities. Here we go again, (the police are working at it) this same authority now undercover, equipped with cameras and camcorders, continues to go around snapping pictures and recording all that is taking place at the vigils. It’s pure intimidation, some vigil participants feel as if they were being raped, their privacy violated! What is all this?

Proud to be Malaysian

Of course, the participants do not respond as though they have done something wrong as some smart alec wants you to believe. But the manner these total strangers and uninvited persons start taking pictures without any permission – it just puts people off! Sure, they are simply employing scare tactics! But isn’t that an infringement of my personal privacy? These people are worse than paparazzi.

Sure, the authorities have every right to take those pictures (for national security?) and they mean business in doing so. But the rakyat have their rights too! Where is their security? The taxes that they  have paid for security among other things is being used for the exact opposite purpose! If there are any politicians who have a heart and believe in God, let him/her listen and listen well. The rakyat feel threatened and intimidated too, Yes, they do, by our own police force. What are you going to do about it, Mr/Ms Big talk – big-time politicians or policy makers?

Where and what are the rakyat’s rights? The authorities will say it’s anywhere between the lock-up to the ISA under our laws which are so flexible in accommodating every charge – even those that cannot be justified or proven. This may sound like a joke initially, but over time it is not. Everyone does make mistakes, and so they are punished but what about the police? What kind of system do we have here? What justice is there to explain to children and parents that this candle could land someone in jail or – one never knows – detained under the ISA. They are paying a heavy price – and much, much more for trying to be free and just citizens of Malaysia.  

They are proud to be Malaysians; the rakyat intend to stay this way and no other force will make them think otherwise. The bangsa rakyat only urges the government and people in authority to help the rakyat like us to believe that this is a free, democratic country and that words can only be proven through beneficial ACTION; so stop harassing the people. They do not  have to say that this government betrayed the Bangsa Rakyat of Malaysia.

I started with the question: What spurs someone to light a candle? You now know the answer. My other question now is what drives the authorities to do what they do? I wonder…

I can only pray that the Bangsa Rakyat will be be set free from the brutal actions that have been planned, if any; that the authorities exercise due fairness; that they are able to instil trust and confidence back to society, that they start believing that the Bangsa Rakyat love and care for this country is no less than that of our present or past politicians and policy makers.

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