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MPs and rakyat: Who needs whom?

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In Malaysia, politicians are rarely held accountable for their misdeeds and those guilty rarely resign, observes our Thinking Allowed correspondent. The absence of shame among them is mind-boggling.

Politicians all over the world come in different shapes and sizes and different levels of IQ and honesty and integrity.  In developed countries the majority demonstrate honesty and integrity and are service-oriented.  The rule of law operates at all levels of national life.  So the peoples’ representatives are transparent in their actions and are held accountable in the performance of their duties.

However, in Malaysia where the powers-that-be show scant respect for the Constitution and the rule of law with the connivance and collusion of a malfunctioning and ethically-challenged judiciary and police force, thus creating an ideal turf for BN politicians to indulge in blatant corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, nepotism and violation of every kind.  Those who walk the corridors of power may literally get away with murder. They are never held accountable for their misdeeds and those guilty never resign. The absence of shame among them is mind-boggling.  Their usual mantra is: “The people need me”- as if they carried out a referandum to ascertain the wishes of the people.

The Auditor-General’s report provides damning evidence of how the public sector and the BN politicians have formed a lethal combination to rob the nation of its wealth, rape the environment, help themselves generously to the rakyat’s land, among a catalogue of other crimes.

The BN politicians over the last 52 years have given themselves fantastic allowances and perks.  Table on the previous page provides evidence of what the BN government has given to their MPs.

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When our television shows clips of Parliament in action, the number of empty seats from the PMs and ministers’ ranks is simply astounding.  Often ministers are not present to answer questions raised by the Opposition.  I suppose ministers and MPs sign in and, having qualified for the allowances, disappear.  Such seemingly below-par ministers and MPs are apparently getting rewarded to “ponteng” Parliament!  In fact, if not for Parliament, it alleged that many MPs would find it difficult to earn an honest living!

Now there is talk about an increase in pay, allowances and perks ostensibly to make them more efficient and less corrupt.

Ladies and gentlemen, who needs who – the suffering rakyat needs the MPs or the self-serving MPs need the rakyat?

PKFX scam

I just cannot believe the staggering amount of taxpayers’ money siphoned off by the scoundrels entrusted with ensuring the success of the PKFZ project.

It appears the rogues commenced their nefarious activities almost as soon as the project was launched. The role of two prime ministers, Mahathir and Abdullah, in apparently not taking prompt action is very irresponsible to say the least….

Two former ministers of transport, Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy, and Phang gave moronic answers to the Public Accounts Committee.

Were the foxes put in charge of the chicken coop?


“You don’t need brains to be a Minister of Transport because the civil servants have them.”
– Ernest Marples, British politician.
(This quote is supplied by the writer – ed)

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Promoting tourism

The Tourism Ministry is well known for wasting colossal amounts of money on fanciful but useless tourism promotion projects at both state and federal levels.

Do you remember huge roadside billboards displaying portraits of top leaders defacing the landscape? A German tourist, when told what the purpose of the billboards were, responded, “You Malaysians have a weird sense of promotion!” Come to think of it, billboards portraying kerbaus grazing in a paddy field against the backdrop of greenery and hills would probably present the serenity and tranquillity of rural Malaysia.

Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen is to be congratulated for launching the Ministry’s website, www.fabfood1Malaysia.com to promote Malaysian food to the world. Yes, the melting pot has a rich variety of ethnic dishes like satay, nasi lemak, roti canai and bah kut teh which tourists will find appealing.

Detractors and cynics may say we are inviting people to dig their grave with their teeth.

I hope in the spirit of 1Malaysia, the Ministry continues to promote the rich diversity of Malaysia. Malaysia must be portrayed as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society – a mini United Nations.

– Tota

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