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Aliran Monthly’s Thinking Allowed column takes a light-hearted look at the BTN course, no cover-up at a nudist colony, protection for whistleblowers and then declares that Umno is not a racist party! 


BTN course

The tiff between Nazri and Mahathir over the BTN course reminds me of a court case somewhere in the world I read about.  Even before the court went into session, the prosecuting lawyer called the defence counsel a devious moron and the swift retort from the defence counsel was, “You’re an idiotic liar”.

The learned judge responded, “Now that both the counsel have identified themselves, I shall proceed with the case.”

Now that Nazri and Mahathir have identified themselves as ultra racists, can we scrap the disgraceful and destructive BTN Course to at least partially rescue 1Malaysia from becoming a big joke?

Pro scrap

Without fear or favour

Our police when investigating some scandal always say that they will do it without fear or favour and assure the public that there will be no cover-up.

This always reminds me of a joke about a nudist colony that I read about when I was in UK.  The nudist colony was ensconed on a beach surrounded by a high hedge.  The secretary had complained to the local police that somone had cut a hole in the hedge and that it was a gross violation of their privacy.  The sergeant replied to her letter deploring the fact that someone had cut a hole in the hedge and assured her that the police are looking into it!  He further assured her that when the culprits are caught there will be no cover-up!

Correct, correct, correct

Welcome whistleblowers

It is encouraging to note that the management of PKFZ has decided to encourage whistleblowers in the administration to discourage malpractice and corruption.  The PKFZ is bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted!  Anyway, it is a good start.

Other government departments are bound to jump on the bandwagon, as always, and declare that they too will welcome whistleblowers to stem the ever-rising tide of malpractice and corruption. The rakyat is quite used to these kinds of pious declarations and at the end of the day words will speak louder than actions.

But who will protect the whistleblowers in a land which does not even have a Witness Protection Act? For sure whistle-blowers will become an endangered species.  They may need to form a union and employ special bodyguards to protect themselves and their families because in Malaysia the corrupt and the evil walk the corridors of power and will be out to blow them into smithereens with C4.

Deep Throat

Umno a racist party?

The Prime Minister called on Malaysians not to label Umno a racist party.

Umno’s rallying cry to get Malay support has been to appear as the champion of Islam as the official religion of the country.  Their battle cry has been Malay supremacy, Malay hegemony, Ketuanan Melayu and even Malay racial superiority, the preservation of special privileges for Malays and an Umno-dominated BN government.

Umno is not a racist party.  It is a Islamo-fascist party for which only one race and one religion is important in the country. Just look at not only the ethnic composition but also the power structure in some important institutions in the country for confirmation – the Cabinet, the various ministries, the Civil Service, the Education System, the unelected town councils and rural district councils, the Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, the Judiciary, the Diplomatic Corps, the Quasi-government bodies, GLC’s etc. etc. etc.  They are totally dominated by Malays.

So please do not call Umno a racist party.  It is simply not.

Fair minded

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