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Thinking Allowed: ‘WWW’ car number plates

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In the rest of the world, ‘WWW’ stands for ‘World Wide Web’ but in Bolehland, it stands for ‘Wealth Without Work’, writes Sickos.

Image: unodc.org

It was announced that ‘WWW’ car number plates were up for bidding w.e.f. 30 April 2012. The recent exercise would have helped the Road Transport Department to rake in millions of ringgit. I wonder how this money will be spent.

It would have been good if all BN Ministers, Menteris Besar/Chief Ministers and Umnoputra were given first preference for the ‘WWW’ single digit number plates. Many of these people, as everyone knows, have enriched themselves through various ways, some ostensibly legal and some perhaps illegal. Horrendous corruption has enriched many with political power. Many with political power are believed to have helped themselves generously to public land, NCR land and rain forests with timber. Very cleverly they have devised many ways to enrich themselves and amassed great wealth at the expense of the rakyat – taxi licences, APs, monopoly allocations, toll concessions, negotiated tenders with hiked up prices and built-in provisions for cost-overruns and “piratisation” of public entities, etc.

The lifestyle of these people is indeed immoral, indecent and scandalous. They live in palatial houses; they and their family members drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris, go frequently on overseas holidays and wear designer clothes; their bodies are decked with diamonds and they eat exotic food. All this is happening when the rakyat are living from hand to mouth with the ever-rising cost of living.

In the rest of the world, ‘WWW’ stands for ‘World Wide Web’ but in Bolehland it stands for Wealth Without Work. So these people driving around in their posh cars with ‘WWW’ number plates will be a fitting advertisement for all things that are wrong in our society.

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If proven right, don’t you think the Minister who allegedly gave RM1.5m to his lover deserves a ‘WWW’ number plate?

Sickos is the pseudonym of an occasional contributor to Thinking Allowed

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najib manaukau
30 Jun 2012 7.07am

That was the occasion when the Umno/Bn morons were able to demonstrate to Malaysia the glories that go with their jobs and positions. Most of all for Najib to award the morons the crumbs without infringing into the millions and billions …

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