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Penang Forum 3 endorses no-plastic bags policy

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Participants at the Penang Forum 3 event today overwhelmingly endorsed the state government’s policy to ban plastic bags.

Penangites support the no-plastic bags policy - Photo courtesy of environe.blogspot.com

Penang Forum steering committee member Ahmad Chik requested a show of hands from the more than 300 participants. The crowd responded with a large show of hands and a loud ‘yes’ in support of the policy.

The plastic bags manufacturers should think of the long-term impact of plastic bags on the environment and the wider interest of society.

Penang Forum steering committee
14 November 2010

Penang Forum: Expectations of the elected

Prior to 14 November, all contestants had declared that they had read, understood and supported the principles contained in the Penang Forum Declaration, first adopted in April 2008.

Hence the elected are expected to promote the rights of marginalized groups (including women, workers, rural communities, youth, senior citizens, the disabled, homeless, as well as migrants and refugees); to protect Penang’s environment and preserve its heritage; to stress balanced, integrated and sustainable planning; to address and respond to urban services complaints; and to cater to the general interests of the entire Penang society, not just those interests of specific interest groups to which they might individually be affiliated.

All candidates, including the elected, were also informed of the following clause in the Local Government Act 1976, Section 10(2) about eligibility and suitability which reads: “Councillors of the local authority…shall be persons ordinarily resident in the local authority area who in the opinion of the State Authority have wide experience in local government affairs or who have achieved distinction in any profession, commerce or industry, or are otherwise capable of representing the interests of their communities in the local authority area”.

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Indeed, all contestants including the ten elected, had declared that they do not hold office in any political party or in any chamber of commerce; have not been convicted as a criminal or declared a bankrupt; and that they do not belong to any association that agitates for racial supremacy or racial hatred.
Released by: Loh Kok Wah
(on behalf of the Penang Forum Steering Committee).
14 Nov 2010

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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23 Dec 2010 4.53pm

The idea is good but the implementation leaves much to be desired. I feel that the money that the shopping centres saved from the “no plastic bags” can be used to provide equivalent bags that are more environmentally friendly, such as those that are made of recycled paper. And some of these types are quite durable and strong actually. Just saying no plastic bags and expect the rakyat to use our own nylon or woven bags is ridiculous. One thing is for sure, I still need a bag for my daily wastes. And CM Lim Guan Eng better provide me with a bag that is not made of plastic!!

I get my bag to keep my stuffs and my wastes and he gets to immplement his “no plastic bag” ban. It’s win-win situation. If he does not listen to the rakyat’s complaints, but only want to impose the ban without providing people with non-plastic bags, then people will suffer in silence and they will not like this government.

Lim Nai Chiam
Lim Nai Chiam
18 Nov 2010 4.45pm

I think the picture is misleading.
It looks like taken from resource centre and not from dump site.
If the bags are so clean and tidy, I would like to take them for recycle.

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