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Flip-flopping education policy

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How many of our ministers and senior bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education actually send their children to national schools and local universities? If they did, we would have one of the best education systems in the world, claims Angry Parents!

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Having just sent my child to sit for her UPSR exams, I cannot but feel anxious as to what trauma she will face next year. This year, she does her Science and Maths exams in English; next year she will study these subjects in Bahasa Malaysia. She and other students have become mere pawns in the hands of our politicians. Have our leaders considered the effect of their ever changing policies on these students?

Surely much research and study had been done prior to implementing teaching Maths and Science in English. Was it not to propel us to developed nation status? Taxpayers’ hard-earned money had been spent in training teachers, coming up with computer software, providing teaching manuals and books. Now at the stroke of a pen, without much thought to the concerned students who for years, have studied these subjects in English, the policy is reversed and it has taken us back by a decade or more!

Seriously, how many of our ministers and senior bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education actually send their children to national schools and local universities? If they did, we would have one of the best education systems in the world!

Is it not possible for us to have these subjects taught in English, in schools whose students, teachers and parents prefer this mode? Most urban families would prefer these subjects taught in English as we know our children have also benefited in their English Language proficiency. If rural students cannot cope in English, surely they can be taught in BM? After all even now, exam scripts and work books are in dual language. Most of us urbanites know that without English, we cannot progress.

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Our leaders have great goals to transform our country into developed nation status and a high income economy. Yet, why don’t we see this reflected in the policies they implement? How can we reach these goals, when we seem to be moving backwards?

What competitiveness can we achieve if we cannot understand the lingua franca of today? Our computer technicians in GLCs cannot even understand the error messages on the computer. Some of our tourist concierges are even unable to guide and answer tourists’ queries in English.. Technical manuals are all written in English, International trade and finance is conducted in English. So how will our students, who will eventually join the job market, ever be able to compete in the global marketplace?

There have been many articles in the newspapers from concerned stakeholders such as professional bodies, parents and students…Hello, are our policy makers listening to us, the rakyat, who put them in positions of power to safeguard public interest? Otherwise, it seems that academic systems in the country should only be reviewed by academicians and not by vested interests whose policies are implemented to gain political mileage and cater to selfish interests.

It’s for our children, the future of this nation…

Anxious Parents is the pseudonym of an Aliran website reader.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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30 Oct 2011 9.48am

Our present edu minister knows NUTS about edu.
He’s just unfit to to the edu minister.

21 Sep 2011 10.58am

Very true indeed!Our educational matters have been ‘make use of’ by the politicians for their political mileage.
English is an important language in terms of its internationality.In this global world today,we need English to get knowledge and informations.By learning English more does not make us less patriotic(as some politicians would argue).It is the governing party(or coalitions) far-sightedness that do good for the people at large that will determine its citizen patriotism.If not,people will just leave for places with better future(as what we have experienced now).But what about the majority who can’t afford to migrate? Have the leaders thought about it? Or rather the political leaders of today are they really politicians(in its true sense) or just players of politics?

najib manaukau
21 Sep 2011 8.17am

This is just one of the reasons why the varsities in Malaysia are not even being considered for the NEM (Never Enough Money) good enough for them to go to.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
21 Sep 2011 7.32am

TO BE THE BEST – 210911

When you desire to be the best
You need to stay on top of the rest
Without getting too much needed rest
To maintain your position in your nest

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed.21st Sept.2011.

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