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What offence has Anwar committed? Why is he being hounded?

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The scandalous porno tape, used in desperation to implicate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim allegedly engaging in sex with a prostitute in order to turn the tide in favour of the Barisan Nasional during the Sarawak election, refuses to fade away even after the Sarawak election.

Graphic: musramrakunman.blogspot.com

It was a widely publicised news item and – according to some reports – the tape was even distributed in the longhouses in Sarawak to disparage and demean Anwar and present the opposition in poor light to gain political mileage for BN.

The police declared that the tape was genuine. The people were made to feel that very soon the sordid episode would be unravelled and the person in the tape exposed.

The various statements in the public domain created the perception that it was Anwar in the porno tape. The police conveyed the impression that it was a matter of time before Anwar was exposed as the owner of the Omega watch stolen by the prostitute. The Omega watch seemed to be the most important missing link to establish Anwar’s identity.

But to their utter disappointment there was no record of the purchaser in Taiwan, where the watch was apparently bought. The missing link went missing and they were no nearer the truth.

Now they say ‘they will not hesitate to expose to the public if necessary “the performer” in the sex video who allegedly resembled opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.’

In other words, what they are saying is tantamount to the fact that they have identified “the performer” but they are not inclined to expose “the performer” unless it was necessary to do so.

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The Malaysian public is rightly confused. What is meant by unless it was necessary? Why then did they go to such great length to find out the owner of the Omega watch? You took the trouble to trace the watch all the way to Taiwan.

What was the purpose? Wasn’t it to link “the performer” to the watch so that you can definitely identify “the performer” and expose him?

If it wasn’t necessary to identify “the performer” why is Anwar being harassed? He was called to give his statement a second time yesterday (28 April 2011). Unless you have irrefutable evidence that the character in the video is indeed Anwar, there was no necessity to ask him to report to Dang Wangi district police headquarters. Is it because they want to keep this shameful episode alive?

It is as though there is no other worthwhile issue in this country for the media to comment on and for our political leaders to discuss. Have we become so depraved that sex scandals have to hog the limelight and take up so much of the nation’s time and attention?

Malaysians have a right to be sceptical about the whole sordid affair. It is evident that there is a concerted effort to finish off Anwar in the interest of the Barisan Nasional. He is the only person standing in their way who can prevent the BN’s continued reign in Putrajaya. That being the case, would it not be logical to expose Anwar right now?

But why aren’t they doing it? Is it because “the performer” in the video is a pretender?! If it was Anwar, they would have gone to town with this information during the Sarawak election to disparage and destroy the opposition with one stroke. The print and electronic media and the blogs and websites would be gleefully swarmed with this news for days on end. But that is not happening!

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But they are dragging their feet in this affair for far too long even though there doesn’t seem to be much hope of unearthing the truth. Why are they spending so much time with regard to Anwar when there is a simple, straightforward issue at their doorstep crying for a remedy?

The terrible Datuk Trio who were in possession of a pornography video should have been charged by now. The terrible Datuk Trio should be facing the music for screening a pornographic show to the public. With so much irrefutable evidence against the trio staring at and challenging the police, why is there so much foot-dragging? Why is there a reluctance to take action to punish those who screened a pornographic video? What is holding up the police and the Attorney-General?

Karpal Singh had rightly pointed out that prostitution is not an offence but using the premises for prostitution or living off the earnings of a prostitute is an offence. According to Karpal, “Whomsoever solicits or importunes for the purpose of prostitution or any immoral purpose in any place shall be punished with imprisonment…” If that is the law, where does Anwar fit into this? What offence is he guilty of?

A report has it that the police have located the place where the sex act took place and identified the prostitute. Why haven’t they taken action against the owner of the premises for allowing his place to be used for “immoral purpose”? Why haven’t they taken action against the person who procured the services of the prostitute?

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The villains plotting to crucify Anwar have been identified; their involvement in this sordid affair has been established. Why are we not moving in on them?

P Ramakrishnan is president of Aliran

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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4 May 2011 1.34am

Those who believe DSAI is a saint r just too stupid to see the true character of DSAI. He is in fact … out to make Malaysia like Sgpor where the Chinese will dominate the Malays. This is what DAP and Chinese r going out for. The … DAP must be eliminated, lso PAS n PKR. These PAS r murtad n NAz is a devil in disguise. The Malays esp PAS members must repent n leave PAS or they r sure to end in hell. The Malays need a strong n fanatik leader…

4 May 2011 3.12pm
Reply to  kitima

You must belong to the same group as another contributor to this discussion who has strong negative opinions about DSAI. The difference is your style is more vitriolic. Anyway, please calm down since, until you mentioned it, no one has suggested DSAI is a saint. We may not know him as well as you but are sure he is just as human as you and all of us. Let me just remind the article we are basing our discussion on is not about whether DSAI is a saint or not, rather it is on the question why he is being hounded over the sex video since there are no known applicable laws in Malaysia dealing with the actors in such a video BUT there are laws against screening such (pornographic)videos publicly that for some strange and inexplicable reasons the authorities have chose NOT to pursue. Your opinion on that fact would be more valuable than your accusations about DSAI, PKR, DAP and PAS that sound very wild, speculative and certainly are unsubstantiated.

3 May 2011 7.14pm

Zahim, you have it all wrong. Where did I write that Malaysia is not prosperous? Were you so blinded by your emotions (writing that I am ungrateful)that you failed to understand my meaning? Read carefully, what I wrote about was comparative development between countries in our region. I travelled to Thailand and Indonesia more than 15 years ago and had the opportunity to visit again less than 5 years ago and I saw the difference in how they regard our currency over the years. It was a clear reflection of their growing economic might and our own reducing strength. I do not need to look at your figures which our own government loves to trot out whenever they want to impress gullible Malaysian citizens how well off we are. My friend, I also know a bit about our history and the part played by the British colonizers. Basically, its not how much money they put in to any country but how that country’s citizens used the money and I’m going to leave it at that and let you figure it out yourself. By the way, do… Read more »

2 May 2011 5.39pm

Isma, dont be so ungrateful & ignorance. Singapore is an entreport trading country. Go find a dictionary the meaning of entreport. The british had been pouring humongous amount of money building singapore since raffles erect a british port in 1819. Because of the entreport nature and its strategic geographical location, it will always be more prosperous than most other places on earth. Talaysia is the 29th largest economy in the WORLD, despite our tiny land size & population. Malaysia is the 10th largest trading partner to US Malaysia also limit its trading to US to just about 30% Another 30% goes to east asian (china, japan & korea etc) Another 30% goes to European Union. That is why during horrible US ecnomic breakdown (subprime loan crisis in 2008-10) where singapore was badly affected, Malaysia is relatively unaffected. Malaysia also have the biggest middle class working muslim percentage in the world Malaysia also have the biggest women workforce in muslim world. Ungrateful person like u Isma, always blind to the prosperity enjoyed by our nation. Try compare Malaysia to Indonesia & Thailand & filipines. You are so… Read more »

1 May 2011 4.57pm

Azhar, you said “genuine leaders & general grass root of PKR still remain”

How do you define genuine??
90% of PKR Founder had left Anwar & PKR

Founders are:
– those who were with Anwar in ALL 1998 demonstration
– those who were shot tear gas by FRU police
– those who were detained up to 2 years under ISA Prison for defending anwar

HOW do you define GENUINE?
And yes, those who were willing to die defending Anwar had now left him. (90% of them already did)

The remaining leaders now are those who have too much vested interest in Anwars money projects & those young turks who had no idea who Anwar really is. (hint: anwar is a very manipulative politician with too many diferent faces)

2 May 2011 2.21pm
Reply to  zahim

Zahim, you have no real reason to attack PKR or PR. With all the bad record of UMNO/BN you should spend more time exposing them instead. Unless you are somehow blind to the bad record of UMNO/BN but extremely sensitive to your perceived bad record of PKR or PR. Before you begin to write more so called proofs about Anwar’s waning support, why don’t you address a very simple fact, and try to figure out why our country has not progressed in the past 50 plus years to the same level as our neighbouring countries? Inspite of our country’s obviously well endowed natural resources? Why have so many of our best brains and talents left? This is more important than asking why people left PKR. By the way, do you really have a lot of faith in Zahrain Mohamed? This single individual alone is a cause of great alarm to our whole country!

1 May 2011 8.15am

Jonathan, you are obviously have no idea about malaysia politic.

Those “success” were from DAP component in PR. DAP is a chinese controlled political party. And all “urban” seats you mentioned are those with 60%-70% or more chinese.

PKR (Anwar’s Party) however, lost 46 from 49 seat they contested.

In another word, they lost 94% of the seats they contested. That number is astronomically huge no matter how you spin the story & the result.

PAS, another component in PR lost all (100%) seat they contested (5 seats all).

1 May 2011 1.50am

This Shazryl Eskay chappie looks a whole lot like Anwar too…

1 May 2011 1.06am

Yes,yes (they) have left PKR but genuine leaders and the general grass root still remain. save the trouble to ask!

30 Apr 2011 11.55pm

Wow….despite all these people leaving…..Pr can still sapu almost all the urban seats in Sarawak?????…..maybe PR is doing better because all these trouble makers have left….

11 May 2011 7.29am
Reply to  Jonathan

You got the point right..Those fellow don’t know or forget at all that they actually won the sit just merely because of Anwar not themselves..They can try another round after this as independent candidate..maybe lost deposit this time..seeing is believing

30 Apr 2011 6.33pm

Anwar is a very manipulative… man. If you want to know why, ask these people who were once very close to him, but had left him/PKR. The list is growing bigger every month. The list of DUN/parlimen who had left Abwar Kerusi Parlimen 1. 2010 Feb – Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru – Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed 2. 2010 Mac – Ahli Parlimen Nibong Tebal – Tan Tee Beng 3. 2010 Mac – Ahli Parlimen Kulim – Zulkifli bin Noordin 4. 2010 Mac – Ahli Parlimen Bagan Serai – Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri 5. 2010 Mei – Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju – Wee Choo Keong 6. 2011 Jan – Ahli parlimen Padang Serai – N Gobalakrishnan Kerusi DUN 1. 2009 Feb – Adun Behrang – Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi 2. 2009 Feb – Adun Changkat Jering – Kapten (B) Mohd. Osman Jailu 3. 2009 Feb – Adun Bukit Selambau – V. Arumugam (letak jawatan) 4. 2009 Apr – Adun Penanti – Fairus Khairuddin (letak jawatan) 5. 2009 Aug – Adun Lunas – Md Radzi Salleh 6. 2009 Okt – Adun Pelabuhan Klang – Badrul Hisham Abdullah 7. 2009 Dec… Read more »

Pendatang 5th Generation
Pendatang 5th Generation
2 May 2011 2.03am
Reply to  zahim

Good riddance, ungrateful self serving political ….. where will they head next GE.??

30 Apr 2011 6.11pm

I have reached the point when I say that it does not matter what other dirt they try to pin on Anwar, I will still vote for PR. Even if Anwar is a sodomite, an adulterous man, corrupt and racist during the time he was with BN, tell me which of the BN top guns are not sexually immoral, corrupt and racists? The only difference is that they are able, because they are in power, to prevent the skeletons in their cupboards from being exposed. Three things going for Anwar are that (1)he has gone through a trying and difficult time in prison and has had time to reflect on his past. Hopefully he has come out changed and a better man. I will give him a second chance. (2) He is now championing the right things which all right-thinking Malaysians will agree with wholeheartedly and (3) His party is partnering with PAS and DAP who are known for their principled stand and integrity. He is therefore in good company. It is the Movement for a New Malaysia that we all believe in. Anwar may be… Read more »

30 Apr 2011 5.46am

The police think if they tell people it is anwar people still not believing it and police will be mock forever…. better just shut the mouth

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