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A ChatGPT response to the higher education minister (in collaboration with Gerak)

ChatGPT responds to the minister's proposal to allow higher education institution students in Malaysia to study two years online and only one year on campus


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This is what the Malaysian academics movement Gerak asked ChatGPT – and its response – about the minister’s proposal to allow higher education institution students in Malaysia study two years online and only one year on campus.

We share the obvious points raised by the artificial intelligence tool:

Dear Minister,

I understand your desire to improve access to education for students in Malaysia through the use of online learning.

However, it’s important to consider the current state of internet connectivity in the country. A significant portion of the population still lacks reliable access to the internet, which would make it difficult for them to participate in online learning.

Furthermore, while online learning can offer certain benefits such as flexibility and convenience, it may not be the best fit for all students, especially in the first two years of a university program.

These years are often foundational and require more interactive and engaging forms of learning. It can also be challenging for students to stay motivated and focused without the in-person support and interaction that traditional classroom settings offer.

Moreover, the shift to online learning may result in a significant digital divide, where students from low-income backgrounds or those without access to the internet would be at a disadvantage. This could further exacerbate existing inequalities in the education system.

Therefore, I would suggest that a more comprehensive approach be taken to address the issue of access to education.

This could involve increasing funding to improve internet infrastructure and access to devices for students, as well as exploring alternative forms of learning such as blended or hybrid models that combine online and in-person learning.

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Thank you for your dedication to improving education in Malaysia, and I hope these considerations will be taken into account as decisions are made.



4 March 2023

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
7 Mar 2023 6.10am

One more comment: I believe that AI will threaten many jobs.Thus there should be serious consideration of some form of UBI (Universal Basic Income) at a level that our country can afford to protect the welfare of the people. Also, a range of “conditional cash transfers” such as cash transfers in return for getting your kids vaccinated, keeping them longer in school etc.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
7 Mar 2023 6.05am

Using ChatGPT as a personal productivity tool, ethically: always state that an item has been made with its help. Use it to – do a first draft of an article, write an article in multiple languages, language translation, language tutoring (ask it to correct your grammar), write code, correct your computer coding. Summarise important ideas and scientific knowledge at the level of a lower secondary school student. Ask it to suggest suitable statistical tests for your data. Other uses of AI (non ChatGPT): create music. Create art and videos purely by typing text. But always remember — ChatGPT can make mistakes! Verify what it has produced with the help of an expert first.

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