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Academics slam Najib supporters’ assault on peaceful student protesters

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The Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak) strongly condemns the attack by Najib Razak’s supporters on six University of Malaya students yesterday.

Unedited video images of the attack clearly show the students peacefully exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and of expression of their views on the former prime minister.

Then, a bunch of Najib’s supporters shamelessly set upon them and assaulted them. In the process, and in typical racist hooligan’s style, Najib’s supporters played the racial card by spinning the students’ criticism of their boss as “menghina orang Melayu”.

This we condemn as outright stupid, cowardly and racist. The students were clearly and only criticising Najib. By no stretch of any normal person’s imagination could this be construed as “insulting the Malays”. They were expressing their disapproval of a man who himself could be construed as having insulted his race, religion and country.

Gerak demands a stop to this thuggery and racially charged actions. We call upon the authorities to not detain and further harass the innocent party, the students. Instead, swift action must be taken against the real wrongdoers – those who manhandled and verbally abused the students.

We also call upon Education Minister Maszlee Malik and the entire academic fraternity to show solidarity with the six students. We should not allow any form of thuggery and racism to undermine our academic freedom and constitutional rights.

Gerak executive committee

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Soakkoon Wong
24 Mar 2019 9.01pm

Kelakuan samseng begini mesti dihentikan. Pihak polis perlu menyiasatnya. This is riduculous playing of the racial card. Dah basi cara begini .

Vanaja Panickar
23 Mar 2019 10.54pm

As long as that one deviant is allowed to walk free, justice will be trampled upon.

Robert Leong
23 Mar 2019 1.22pm

Time to send a strong message to these samseng that assault must not be tolerated by a new Malaysia.

Gregory Chang
23 Mar 2019 1.15pm

Shame Shame Shame

Kuldeep Singh Gill
23 Mar 2019 10.04am

Muhidin must act firmly!!

Ma Lee
23 Mar 2019 9.38am

So amazed at such UMNO mentality, never learn and never grow up!

J. D. Lovrenciear
23 Mar 2019 6.36am

Well said GERAK. This is a litmus test of the PH leadership and in particular the Minister of Education. Purge this nation of the samseng styled politicking. Najib cannot be discounted with his sly and protective statements in the wake of this dangerous assault by his followers.

Raymond Loh
23 Mar 2019 3.01am

These “leaders” of politics is the reason why school bullies are so out of control. They have normalised such behaviour.

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