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Anwar’s fight against corruption deserves everyone’s support – Patriot

Let's give our unwavering support to Anwar in his fight against systemic corruption and abuse of power in high places

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

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A video of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim talking about his personal belief and his stand over the expose of several individuals mentioned in the Pandora Papers reveals his resolute will.

Anwar’s commitment to return the wealth of the nation to the people begins with bringing to book the high-profile corrupt individuals.

No stone must remain unturned if we are to see justice dispensed. Towards this end, all of us in Malaysia must, out of patriotic will, fully support the PM in these efforts. 

The time has finally come for all those who benefited from being close associates and cronies of the past political leaders and politicians still in power to now face the full brunt of the law.

For decades we were led to merely sing the credo that no one is above the law. With Anwar at the helm now, we must throw our weight behind him to make that credo finally make its bite felt.

As the PM rightfully said, he will not waiver nor make any compromises in his decisions relating to corruption. The rule of law shall take its course in dealing with corrupt individuals, regardless of their status in society and the power they wield.

The investigating agencies, namely the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the police, the attorney general and the Inland Revenue Board have full and independent freedom to take whatever course of decisive action within the bounds of the law. Such actions and decisions shall not be subject to interference or meddling by ruling political leaders.

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Patriot takes a similar stand regarding Anwar’s strong and decisive statement on the systemic corruption in our society, which has permeated the public and private sectors, including ministries and public organisations.

The truth is, corruption was allowed to fester for many years by our past political leaders: the Pandora Papers showcases how corruption must have been fostered.

Anwar’s bold and decisive statement has never been made by any of our previous PMs nor any other political leaders of the past.

Patriot has every reason not to believe that our past PMs were totally unaware of the shameless looting that went on under their charge.  

It took the arrival of our 10th PM for the people to be made aware of the shocking extent of corruption, abuse of power and the billions of ringgit squandered by individuals in high places who were all along protected by the powers that be.

It certainly appears that individuals in high places could do what they pleased, as they were relieved of the fear of being caught and brought to justice.

It looks as if it is only Anwar who has the courage to stop the rot that has resulted in our blessed nation being branded as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, given how its political leaders, their beneficiaries and their cronies had enjoyed the looting.

If indeed the billions held by such unscrupulous individuals were derived from unlawful means and if this is proven in court, the righteous cause of action is to force the thieving individuals to return the billions to where the money rightfully belongs.

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If the billions of stolen money were from national coffers, it would have to be returned to the national coffers. There should not be any compromises. Ultimately, the wealth of the nation must be returned to the law-abiding people of the country.

Patriot calls upon everyone, regardless of their political affiliations, to give their unwavering support to Anwar in his fight against systemic corruption and abuse of power in high places. This is the only option we all have to help put the nation back on track to a hopeful future.

Anyone who attempts to derail Anwar’s war against corruption is a traitor to the nation, and Patriot will not hesitate to publicly call out such criminal minds.

Patriot pledges its full support to the PM’s determined efforts to leave no stone unturned and to get back every single stolen sen of public money.

Viva Malaysia. The war has begun. It is time to enlist ourselves with the PM in this mother of all battles.

Retired Brigadier General Dato’ Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of National Patriots Association (Patriot)

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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