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China’s Global Times offends Malaysians

Graphic: Singapore Straits Times

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We refer to the published article in the Global Times by its reporter Hu Weijia. According to Malaysiakini (‘China daily: Malaysia will suffer for HSR cancellation’) published on 1 June 2018, Hu Weijia seemed to threaten Malaysia with the “dire consequences” if the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) project is cancelled by Malaysia’s new government.

In view of national sentiments and serious ethical concerns, the National Patriot Association (Patriot) and Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) express that either the Chinese government apologises for the offending article or officially distances itself from the Global Times article.

The claim that “(t)he Chinese government will also take concrete measures to safeguard the interests and rights of Chinese enterprises” is a threat that we Malaysians will not tolerate.

Patriot will defend our own national interests and priorities as much as China deems that Chinese rights are to be safeguarded.

Likewise BEIM will not let any form of unethical business stances plough through our land just because our current prime minister’s immediate predecessor entered into agreements with China that still smacks of lack of transparency and accountability, let alone serving the best interests of both nations on a fair yardstick.

As a nation of democratic citizens, we will protect our own national interest first and foremost and not yield to any pressures coming from outside or in cohorts with leaders within our shores. Hence we register our serious protest.

The Global Times is a daily China tabloid newspaper in English under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper. It focuses on international issues from China’s perspective.

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We jointly register our offence to the accusation made in China’s daily, ie “the inconsistency and capriciousness of Kuala Lumpur” as it reeks of condemnation of a government and leadership democratically elected by the citizens of Malaysia.

It is our people’s consistency and will to see a greater Malaysia that is transparent, accountable and patriotic to our sovereign nation status that will determine all projects that were inked by a corrupt predecessor regime.

Hence your question “Is this the way Malaysia keeps its promises and adheres to the spirit of the contract?” appears to indicate that Malaysians and their new Malaysia leaders are unprincipled and deserves an answer.

Malaysians fought an almost impossible battle to retain their democratic rights and passion for clean, fair and just government. We welcome nations, governments and people who will work with us to help flush out the corrupt past, reinforce globally enshrined parameters of ethics and integrity, and ensure our struggles to be a shining democratic nation are respected.

As such, we expect to hear from the Chinese government and the Global Times, a Chinese daily. We will not buckle under hidden threats as stated by Hu Weijia, namely, “Malaysia is not the only investment destination for foreign infrastructure businesses.”

We built our nation these past six decades after freeing ourselves from our colonial masters. We fought and won an almost impossible battle against a corrupt regime these past decades. Nationalism, ethics and integrity are our armour and badge of dignity as we continue to work with governments and nations outside our shores.

Brig Gen Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (rtd) is president of the National Patriot Association while K Haridas is chairman of the Business Ethics Institute Malaysia.

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