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Discharge in Tengku Adnan’s corruption case: Why?

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The people have had enough of corruption and scandals that took place in high office and want to see the culprits prosecuted in court proceedings in their entirety, Mohamed Arshad Raji writes.

Former federal territory minister Tengku Adnan Mansor’s discharge not amounting to acquittal in his RM1m corruption case came as a shock to all Malaysians with a conscience and sense of righteousness.

The deputy public prosecutor who has been prosecuting since September 2018 gave the reason as “new developments” in the case and had received instructions from higher-ups to seek a halt in the proceedings.

Seeking a halt to the proceedings, where the case has already reached the defence stage, is totally unacceptable.

In the first place, the prosecution should and would have solid evidence to secure a conviction before proceeding with the charge.

Hence, we demand to know what latest new developments that could be. We also demand to know who gave the instruction to halt the proceedings.

There have been two earlier corruption cases of public interest where the accused were given a discharge by the courts, ie the 1MDB case of Riza Aziz, who is also the stepson of Najib Razak, and former Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman in the timber concessions/money laundering case.

No explicit reasons for the discharge were given to the public in both these cases, leaving ordinary people making crude remarks against the authorities.

There is already a general feeling of distrust against the investigating authorities and the courts, especially when dealing in corruption cases that involve politicians in the ruling parties.

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With the discharge awarded to Tengku Adnan, the people are also asking whether the remaining court cases against five senior Umno politicians, ie Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Isa Samad, Bung Moktar Radin and Azeez Abdul Rahim will proceed to conclusion – or will they also end in abrupt discharge too?

The people have had enough of corruption and scandals that took place in high office and want to see the culprits prosecuted in court proceedings in their entirety.

Half-hearted prosecution and negotiation with the accused for a discharge halfway through proceedings only leave foul words in the mouths of the people, Patriot members included.

Our country has recently been saddled with several corruption cases involving officials from the Immigration Department, the Registration Department and even the police. Daily, we hear reports involving corruption cases.

Patriot takes an even more serious view on corruption cases involving political leaders. It is disgusting to see politicians mired with serious corruption charges freely mingling with the public. It is also a hideous sight to see a convicted politician allowed to make public speeches and accorded VIP treatment. It is shameful, repugnant, disgusting, horrid, all in the superlative meaning.

It is also no wonder that one international news media organisation previously cited, “Malaysia is world champion of corruption”.

Retired Brigadier General Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of the National Patriots Association (Patriot)

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