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Make Council of Eminent Persons’ report public

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The rakyat have the natural right to be fully informed of the ideas and issues raised by the council and presented to the government, says Ramon Navaratnam.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s announcement that the Council of Eminent Persons’ report may not be made public is most surprising, unexpected and even disturbing.

He made the statement at the Cities 4.0 and Business 4.0 International Conference and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur just today .

We had all been waiting with bated breath for the revelations of this important report for over 100 days now – but most of us will now be badly disappointed by possibly being denied sight of it.

Most Malaysians will be upset that the new Pakatan Harapan government, which promised this report, may not now want to make it public for public appreciation and in the public interest.

We would ask, why should the report be considered so secret that its recommendations may not be revealed. What is the basis and rational for this unusual secrecy? Why has the report been deemed to be so secret, when it was prepared by learned, trusted, expert and eminent Malaysians?

The rakyat have the natural right to be fully informed of the thoughts, ideas and issues raised and presented to our own government. After all, the PH government was voted in because of, among other things, its promises of more transparency, better consultation and higher integrity – so why this change of heart and mind on the part of the newly elected government? Have we waited 61 years for genuine change only to now get frustrated and even disillusioned?

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On behalf of the majority Malaysians, I would therefore appeal to the wise, experienced and inspiring new prime minister to please make the report public.

Please have faith and leave it to the people to judge the report’s merits, feasibility and acceptability in our best long-term national interests.

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James Hoh
28 Aug 2018 8.23pm

Bad and ugly truths, we bear them as One Malaysia. We will work it out!

Roland Lau
28 Aug 2018 5.08pm

These 5 people do not get a cent for their service and their final report and recommendations to Tun is final for them. Now whether Tun want to disclose to the public is up to Tun.

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
28 Aug 2018 5.00pm

I suspect the CEP had found more things than they would expect. Perhaps some of these may need special action to catch the ‘rats’ or culprits before they run off. The Government needs more time to prepare its cases against these groups of culprits who had seriously damaged the country’s system and culture. For this reason, the 100 days are not enough for the P.M. to make it public.

Lee TG
28 Aug 2018 1.38pm

I fully agree that the report should be made public, unless there are something that the PM or PH government want to hide from the people. All the appointed ministers and Dy ministers will lose their credibility, and agreeable of their incomptejce, if they continue to allow the CEP team to do their jobs. Of course without the CEP team, the ministers can still seek expert assistance, if they require help.

Rajan Subramaniam
28 Aug 2018 9.29am

Please clarify if these people are taking salary for their role/task…

Frankie Lim
28 Aug 2018 1.11am

all we need is to see good action and results….

Ravinder Singh
27 Aug 2018 10.38pm

What is in it that the government does not want the people to know? Then, the appointment of the CEP itself should have been secret. Why tell the people about the CEP if it is supposed to produce a “secret” report?

Lim Heng Hin
28 Aug 2018 8.59pm
Reply to  Ravinder Singh

CEP is in fact the government. You got to dig this, suckers!

Alex Fernandez
27 Aug 2018 10.07pm

Yes we want transparency and accountability

Richard Ng Ting Woong
27 Aug 2018 9.34pm

Yes. Most rakyat will agree to it. PH was given the mandate to be more transparent

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