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PKR factionalism: Stop the infighting and start governing


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Patriot would like to remind Pakatan Harapan leaders and politicians that the people voted them into power for good governance and to right the wrongs of the previous administration.

The people are not interested in their bickering over the right to be the next prime minister. Neither do they want to see dark hands and long knifes clandestinely employed by supporters of one leader against the other, both intra-party and intra-coalition.

The feud between the two camps within PKR that culminated into sordid tales of unnatural sex, conspiracy, evil plots, and paid mercenaries are all too distracting and disgusting.

By convention political leaders are suppose to hold key positions in government and provide leadership. They are supposed to make decisions under council of the officials, for the good of the people and nation. There is so much to do in our difficult journey towards a “shared prosperity” vision. There are also a number of concerns:

  • Our national debt has since May 2018 increased to RM1.09tn.
  • Fitch Ratings has just affirmed our long-term foreign currency issuer default rating at ‘A -’, meaning our nation is still a high credit quality but vulnerable to adverse economic conditions. The reason for the A-minus rating was our nation’s high public debt. Nations with strong economies have AAA rating. We pray there is no need to sell our national assets to pay for the debts.
  • Our household debt ratio to GDP is 83%, the highest in the Asean region. This is cause for concern because individuals will be burdened to pay debts in the impending economic downturn.
  • Our education standard is appalling and much has been said about the overemphasis in religious studies. Politicians are fickle about teaching maths and science in English.
  • Politicians at local government levels seem to act only after an environmental disaster has occurred. They have low acumen for proactive decisions.
  • The Orang Asli communities are the least represented and most sidelined. Tragedy after tragedy has befallen them, and politicians at state level seem to have the least regard for the Orang Asli. It is a crying shame.

The list of concerns can be lengthened. The points mentioned above are enough to jolt our politicians from their delusive thoughts that power is their right. In fact, many career politicians have nothing to show, except politicking. Many others who prefer not to be in politics can do a better job.

Malaysians have enough of the current morally ignoble display from among our politicians. Patriot calls upon the coalition leaders of Amanah, Bersatu and DAP to step in quickly to mediate before the feud in PKR spirals out of control and leads to the destruction of PH. There is so much to do to rebuild our nation.

Retired Brigadier General Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of the National Patriots Association (Patriot).

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Perumal Kali
21 Jul 2019 8.04pm

Hopefully the trend for change is on going by the present youth(s)in parliament who has sacrificed much time in getting all the Parliamentarians nod to be able to vote at age 18.Also can be eligible to be a canditate for election.By this method the deadwood & corrupted individuals will soon be seen on the exit door of fair play & humanity.They cannot be betraying their conscience all the time.We hope that leaders are honest enough to admit their wrongdoing,as no one is perfect.Leaders should never teach their weakness to the young & delicate mind.

Perumal Kali
21 Jul 2019 7.40pm

The Patriots are indeed patriotic to the dire need of the silent majority of the citizens of Malaysia who are in the rural area who needs thisGovt.of the day for their everyday fulfilment so as to aspire for a better tomorrow.But for now it is timely to rid this country of this eternal domestic feuds that will baffle man of common-sense.The treetop politikus with their limited know-how in nation building,only think of money:dollars & sens.What a comedy even after 60 over years of racial rule.One race group who are ignorant trying to find fault with the DAP,who are actually the nation builder as they are of soundmind like the PAP in Singapore. We will pray in a virtious manner that one day in the near future the youths in Malaysia,particularly the Malay Muslim youths can bring positive progressive changes who are in DAP as they are adoptable & adaptable to the Malaysian oneness of mankind.In short every Malaysian can move forward with the already conducive atmosphere,the New World Order that is shaping for all mankind. N.B.I am not a politician but we support the govt.of the… Read more »

cindy hoong
cindy hoong
21 Jul 2019 12.28am

If PKR splits into two, then they are no longer the majority party. Perhaps that is the best news for Malaysia? 🙂

20 Jul 2019 9.47pm

Come GE15, what choices do we have as to who to vote for. Unless some third party or coalition which is strong enough emerges, we’ll be left with a choice of either the devil or the deep blue sea.

Barathi Inthu
20 Jul 2019 5.18pm

They should seriously start their count-down

P.W. Wong
20 Jul 2019 3.35pm

I am saying it again….PKR’s leadership sucks,big time.
main politics….No.1!!

Rajan Subramaniam
20 Jul 2019 3.39pm

By the look of it, Azmin must allow DSAI for PM position… If one can’t keep his promise, how can public trust such a people…

Selva Nathan
20 Jul 2019 7.57pm

Rajan Subramaniam In politics nothing is certain well we all agree dsai for PM post but look how he behaves after coming out of prison.
THIS is not 80’s Industrial Revolution is taking place.
When out say going to US universities to give talk but still in Malaysia just to mention 1 many there then how come can be CEO.

Rajan Subramaniam
20 Jul 2019 8.52pm

Selva Nathan sadly that’s the our politics today in Malaysia.. There must not hv 1 dominant party as it will give them the ultimate power.. The old man is back to his old trick to make UMNO 2.0….DAP is no better.. And our hero has started a new Indian base party… So we are back to square 1…

Stewart Sak
20 Jul 2019 2.44pm

Power crazy politicians who have forgotten their purpose to serve the people instead of satisfying their own egos.

Stella Perera
20 Jul 2019 1.20pm

They have indeed forgotten the rakyat who voted them in, now only self interests is their prority. How disappointing. PH is going down the UMNO Road.

Kim Ming Tee
20 Jul 2019 2.01pm

Well said! Keep your infighting within and keep governing the nation properly.

Mathew Mathen
20 Jul 2019 11.07am


Jon Ranjer
20 Jul 2019 11.47am

AI , I for one , am sick & tired of this stupid , sickening infighting among yourselves. Stop it now before this country go down to the dogs.

Samita Ong
20 Jul 2019 10.56am

Really fed up with them self interests over laymen

Taring Tebrau
20 Jul 2019 11.03am

After the rubbish is cleared, then the real work can start !

Kam Chee Ng
20 Jul 2019 10.53am

Yes, I agree. What is your real reason you join politics, but a better Malaysia for future generations or your own power agenda? Stop fighting now or raykat will vote you out!

Philip Lim
20 Jul 2019 10.51am

So very disappointing that PKR can so easily self destruct because of big egos and factionalism. Just be careful of what’s in the Trojan horses.

Md Zik
20 Jul 2019 10.32am

Ask Azmin..to stop

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