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RM85,000/month for Mavcom chairman; how much were other top officials paid?


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The Malaysian Trades Union Congress’ Penang Division is shocked at the transport minister’s revalation that the chairman of the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) was paid a salary in the region of RM85,000 a month!

In the light of this, we wonder how much was paid to the chairmen of other bodies such as the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) and the Electoral Commissioners.

Such inappropriate rates of pay is a complete waste of the country’s financial resources and, in the case of Mavcom, the RM1 that we pay for a flight. We think it is immoral and devoid of any justification โ€“ why, even criminal for want of a better description!

Given that a vast segment of the nation’s citizens are trapped in the vicious circle of middle and low-income pay, the MTUC Penang Division believes that such unjustified salaries, paid to a few, are but a gross injustice to the deprived working class of the nation.

The MTUC Penang Division believes that the government is under an obligation to expose the full extend of the salary and perks that was accorded to individuals who held such worthless positions of political patronage.

We are also convinced that such an exposure should also include the chiefs of government-linked companies as we believe that they too are privy to such unholy salaries and benefits while workers in such establishments are paid a pittance.

K Veeriah is the secretary of the MTUC’s Penang division.

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Jimmy Khor
5 Jun 2018 9.00am

Deserve to be terminate off. Waste of civilians money !! Erase Mavcom !!

Sea Tea Oon
3 Jun 2018 11.36pm

Thats how filthy Msia has become within 4 yrs. This is satanic.

Frankie Lim
1 Jun 2018 5.48pm

malaysia got too many parasit sucking the goverment n rakyat money.

Richard Ooi
1 Jun 2018 4.34pm

Paid rm 85k to do nothing???

Mac Snoopee Ong
1 Jun 2018 3.27pm


Joseph Alexander Renang
1 Jun 2018 3.05pm

Rompakan terang-terang!

Peter Lim-Pasqual
1 Jun 2018 2.40pm

Easy money no more… his ATM kena tangkap

Americana Su
1 Jun 2018 11.56am

Tunjukkan semua

Thurai Singam Chandra Sehkaran
1 Jun 2018 11.47am

Good job #MTUC
Reveal all high pays in glc & mnc, especially when exceed Rm10,000

Gerrie Teng
1 Jun 2018 2.37pm

I think this is even more than what the ministers are getting?

Deezul Yusof
1 Jun 2018 5.12pm

I was only a Sr. Manager in a GLC in 2001 and my salary was RM10,000++plus incentives. What are you talking about RM10,000 for CEO’s? I came from the private sector multinational company hired into this GLC. Our salary scale in multinational for RM10,000 is chicken feed compared to before I joined GLC. You pay for our expertise. Currently GLC CEOs salary scale is between RM50,000- RM200,000 depending on the importance of the organisation and size and how well connected you are to your big boss the PM or the Minister in charge of your portfolio. My story was from the year 2000 during Dr.M time, dont just blame Jibbie a precedent was set during Dr.M time. I can give you roughly the salary scale of most GLC CEO since I know them personally but most of them had resigned, replaced, or fired during Dr.M and DSAI quarrel. Elephant and elephant fight the mouse in middle got trampled, me included!๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ๐ŸคซBut the unofficial salary scale was followed and “improved” until Jibbies time. Dont blame him. If you want to attract Malaysian brains back to work in Malaysia… Read more »

Thurai Singam Chandra Sehkaran
1 Jun 2018 6.15pm

Deezul Yusof I meant, reveal the high salary whose don’t have proper specialization certificate & bad attitude towards workers welfare!!!
When did I say about CEO?
Did I say to reduce their salary?…

Thurai Singam Chandra Sehkaran
1 Jun 2018 6.27pm

Are you a worker? Whats your right to comment on labors critics?…

Wengseng Chan
1 Jun 2018 11.07am

Still other unmo n bn cronies are paid more. Please expise these parasites.

Lim Heng Hin
1 Jun 2018 10.00am

Book โ€˜em dunno for raping the country dry!

Deezul Yusof
1 Jun 2018 9.07am

You havent seen nothing yet guys. I know there are GLC CEO’s whose salary is RM150,000++/ per month. This MAVCOM guy is a middle income level salaried CEO by their standards. But dont be fooled guys only DAP guys doesnt know this “fact”. It was a trend since Dr.M time, he knows it that is why he doesnt comment about this issue. He is only playing possum since most of this GLCs CEO have to get his approval (Dr.M) and then he gives the nods about their salaries it sets a precedent, sort of unofficial salary scale.Think for a minute would your big boss (PM) approve his subordinate salaries multiple times his own salary? Why would he approve that? Then you get the answers why”Reformasi” was born.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Sophia Seow Abdullah Seow
1 Jun 2018 8.25am

Gaji buta semua๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Steven Ong
1 Jun 2018 8.39am

This is the main incentives given to cronies to support Najib n his 40 thieves !!!

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