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Start building a truly undivided Malaysian society now


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Get back on track and think as Malaysians first and not otherwise, says Mohamed Arshad Raji.

Racism and racial politicking has now encroached into a danger zone. Constructive change must start before our nation and society descend into permanent destruction.

The last few by-elections saw politicians making racially charged speeches aimed at inciting hatred just to secure votes. This culminated with one of the most ridiculous statements: non-Malays should not be appointed as chief justice, attorney general, and finance minister for the reason that Malay privileges could not be defended and those appointed could not take an oath of office by the Quran.

The latest development – asking MCA and MIC to leave the Barisan Nasional coalition – is mischievous and bewildering and further indicates that politics has rolled back into pure racism. BN’s founding fathers had forged a coalition to strengthen unity among the three major Malayan races. Historically, it was pragmatic then for race-based political parties to be formed.

The like-mindedness, understanding and willingness to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and friendship among the various races that our founding leaders had carved out for this nation is now being threatened by selfish and self-centred politicians, especially those who held powerful positions in government before.

Both Umno and Pas have have each become a one-issue party, harping on Malay supremacy or Malay-Muslim unity against others. This has led certain Pakatan Harapan politicians propagating policies of the Malay agenda.

One certain way to rid the nation of racism is to start by having non race-based political parties. Patriot urges all political parties to move towards achieving that purpose in sync with the multi-racial nature of our Malaysian society.

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Malaysian society cannot remain parochial in its societal outlook any longer after six decades of independence. We ought to be more inclusive and symbiotic in facing the challenges of our country as truly united Malaysian people.

We have had enough of the politics of building obstacles instead of building bridges, enough of the politics of ‘us versus them’ and enough of the politics of exclusivity instead of inclusivity. These are dark political clouds shielding the glorious Malaysian sun.

Tolerance and understanding were thrashed and replaced with the championing of racial hatred. The propagation of race and religion now takes centre stage, and if this is allowed to fester, there is little hope of ever seeing a united Malaysian society.

Patriot has got this to say to all political leaders: Get back on track and think as Malaysians first and not otherwise. Serve all Malaysian people instead of exercising parochial politics and showing bias towards a particular race.

Finally, we say this: The dismantling of race-based political parties is our only hope of seeing the emergence of a truly undivided Malaysian society, thus fulfilling our dream of a harmonious, prosperous and progressive Malaysia.

Retired Brigadier General Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of Presatuan Patriot Kebangsaan.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Dr. SNaidu
Dr. SNaidu
14 Mar 2019 9.55pm

Good thoughts,issues raised. Today, with the likes of politician- generation ‘leaders’ like Nazri, racism can get more pronounced and of course, dangerous for the future of OUR nation.I strongly believe, as a Malaysian citizen, that some older generation Malaysians appear to have low-level, fossilised racial attitudes.We cannot keep on being pedantic, preaching down to people.We can POSITIVELY, PROACTIVELY,firmly as Dr Tan Chee Khoon, who had boldy taken this stand-‘WITHOUT AND FAVOUR’, and LIVE for Msn nationhood values as grounded on OUR RUKUN NEGARA, CONSTITUTION,and ‘EDUCATE’ our young on these Msn and acceptance values of ALL Msns as God’s children NOW. The political will, and suggestions made above, need to flow down to society.

Seaman Liew
10 Mar 2019 11.42am

talk to BN & PAS

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
10 Mar 2019 9.21am

Get Parliament to pass a law banning race-based political parties. This will get rid of UMNO, MIC, MCA, and others who purportedly served their communities. There is now only one community, and that is Malaysian. Also political parties using religion should also be banned.
Using race and religion are so disunifying for Malaysia, a multicultural and multiracial country. We were once so proud of our unity in diversity that everyone admired our culture and harmony. We need to change and change 360 degrees, or we will fail as a country.
God bless Malaysia!!

Wong Pui Yi
10 Mar 2019 1.58am

There’s isn’t any undivided society in the world because we are all simply different.

Instead of pushing the idea of a united, undivided Malaysia in response to Malay-Muslim fundamentalism (two ends of a spectrum), would it be more helpful to push for more dialogue, more inclusiveness and the benefits of diversity?

Sea Tea Oon
9 Mar 2019 6.00pm

Since the anti ICERD rally in Oct, i foresaw such worst things happening in Msia & truly it is happening now. Must be Mahathir behind all these ugly events & activities. As a head, he purposely remain soft on areas which he shld put a stop. His true motive for his kindof Msia is materialising by the day. Msia is doomed.

P.W. Wong
9 Mar 2019 5.45pm

no can….too too many useless eaters and … stirrers !!!

9 Mar 2019 4.44pm

I know Malaysians who say they believe in racial tolerance and harmony in public but post racist comments on social media. There’s still a lot of an us vs them mentality amongst Malaysians who want a solution but are part of the problem.

Whilst Dr. Martin Luther King led blacks to demand racial equality, however he never advocated a hatred for whites but rather an alliance with anti-racist whites who supported the Civil Rights Movement’s objectives and they achieved some major gains for blacks in America, even though discrimination against blacks continues until today to a less blatant extent.

Besides small pockets of people committed to such ideals, we do not really have a mass movement of Malaysians committed to such ideals.

9 Mar 2019 4.32pm

What Malaysia needs is a broad movement or a multi-racial, multi-religious party comprised of all Malaysians who are genuinely committed to an inclusive Malaysia, whilst being sensitive to the respective concerns of the different ethnicities and religions amongst members and supporters and be willing to compromise on certain key concerns, which would alienate especially voters and supporters in the wider body politic.

It must also be committed to economic policies which address the major concerns of Malaysians of different ethnicities.

I do not see much evidence of this, even amongst members and supporters of multi-ethnic parties which advocate equality. In public they pay lip services to harmony but it private are racist.

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