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Stop deliberately instilling fear among Malaysians

Uyghur elders at a Sunday market in Kashgar, Urghur Autonomous Region

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Islam is a religion of peace and compassion that respects all cultures, and does not allow suspicion and discrimination simply on the basis of race, says Sisters in Islam.

With reference to a recent article (Malaysiakini, 6 May), Pas has crossed the line in asserting that a fate akin to the Uyghur Muslim minority in China awaits Malay Muslims if non-Muslims are left to run the country.

There is absolutely no basis for such an assertion which in fact goes against Islamic teachings of peaceful and harmonious coexistence with other cultures and religions.

Pas’ paranoia and delusion stems from political insecurity and seeks to cause racial tensions and distrust among Malaysians who wish to live in a diverse, inclusive and progressive country.

This is evident by its bias and distorted interpretations of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and the Rome Statute, and allegations that the unfortunate demise of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim is a sign of the erosion of Malay rights in the country.

Pas’ unfounded insistence that the Federal Constitution is under threat and that non-Muslims are out to destroy Islam in Malaysia is further proof of its deliberate attempts to use religion for its own political purposes. Pitting Malaysians against each other is not only detrimental to the rich racial and cultural heritage of our country, but also impedes economic progress, which should be the priority of all politicians given the financial circumstance we have inherited from the previous administration.

Sisters in Islam demands that Pas stops this agenda of deliberately instilling fear and inciting racial and religious hate among Malaysians. Islam is a religion of peace and compassion that respects all cultures and does not allow suspicion and discrimination simply on the basis of race.

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Saffari Ayeng
29 May 2019 5.56pm

They will not stop because this is their tactic. For Pas Islam will be descriminated for UMNO Malay will be descriminted. It is up to Malaysian to show them it is %not working.

Barney Muthu
28 May 2019 5.23pm

The government should ban PAS. We do not want a religious political party stirring calm waters. We are a multi racial country under the supreme law of the nation which is the federal constitution. Can a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu political party be set up and compete in the election using their respective religious dogma? If cannot than why allow PAS to continue? Ban PAS foe the sake of peace and order among all Malaysians.

Tharma Lingam
28 May 2019 8.14pm
Reply to  Barney Muthu

Barney Muthu i agree. They should not be registered as a party. But then, these extremist will go underground and cause irreparable damage.

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