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Stop plotting, get down to helping the people

Politicians must create a conducive, ethical climate for dialogue and pledge to enter Parliament to work for the people

Flashback to the Sheraton Move

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There is a maxim saying that what goes around comes around.

When there is a desire to use any unethical means to justify the ends, it will eventually come around since people would always want to regain what they have lost. A win-lose situation is created that would ultimately erode the ethical foundations of the nation.

It is amusing that Perikatan Nasional politicians, who felt that they have done a legitimate service to the nation through an unethical backdoor Sheraton Move, seem to be fearing to face Parliament – a legitimate institution. The reason is obvious: the fear of losing power.

To these politicians, the illegal manoeuvring of betraying the electoral mandate of the people through the Sheraton Move was okay, but facing up to Parliament seems to be an uphill battle. This is the situation the PN government is currently in as it desperately clings to power, even possibly defying the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s call that Parliament be reconvened as soon as possible.

Lately, there have been reports that there is a movement to collect statutory declarations from lawmakers to form a new government. This was confirmed by Umno secretary general Ahmad Maslan. This again reveals the character of our politicians – they want to use whatever means to seize power.

At the opposite end of the political spectrum, there is a relentless effort to make Anwar Ibrahim the next prime minister, but the means used is to have possible cooperation with Umno, apparently with certain influential individuals who are facing corruption trials. It doesn’t matter if there are unethical repercussions to the country as long as the individual becomes the prime minister.

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The nation today is going through a severe crisis of health and unemployment where people are struggling to make ends meet. But sadly, we lack honourable federal politicians who can transcend their short-term political interests to work together in a bipartisan and ethical way to help the rakyat (people).

The Association for Community and Dialogue would like to urge politicians of all stripes to take an honourable position by creating a conducive, ethical climate for dialogue and pledging to enter Parliament to work for the rakyat, instead of plotting to bring down each other by unethical means. – Malaysiakini

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