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Swiss NGO willing to cooperate with Malaysian government on Taib Mahmud case

Taib Mahmud

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The Bruno Manser Fund has replied to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s call to show evidence on the Sarawak governor’s corrupt practices after Malaysian prosecutors had failed to answer an earlier letter from the group.

The Bruno Manser Fund is willing to share with the new Malaysian government the results of a seven-year evidence-gathering process on corrupt practices by Sarawak’s former chief minister and current governor Taib Mahmud.

“We are happy that Prime Minister Mahathir) is willing to look into Taib corruption again and are hoping that MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the Attorney General’s Chambers will soon be reopening the Taib case,” said Lukas Straumann, the executive director of the Bruno Manser Fund.

“The investigation should focus on the allocation of state lands to Taib family members and on the Taibs’ unexplained wealth overseas.“

In December 2011, an international NGO coalition approached the then attorney general, the MACC and the inspector general of police, requesting the arrest and prosecution of 13 Taib family members for conspiring to steal Sarawak state assets and lands. The letter was left unanswered.

In the course of its Stop Timber Corruption campaign, the Bruno Manser Fund has since 2011 identified over 400 companies in 25 jurisdictions with links to the Taib family.

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22 Sep 2018 4.07am

Who is going after Mahmud Taib?… Oh, oh you mean the PH Gomen? Expecting Dr.M to go after his own tail? Why dont you guys just ask Dr.M to prosecute Jibbie on CBT the Billions of USD/RM and not some simple money laundering charges involving 1MDB. (Money laundering and CBT are 2 different things). Prosecuting Mahmud Taib by PH Gomen currently under his best friend D.M is wishful thinking only by somebody drunk on “toddy”.
Even Claire Brown and representative from Bruner Manser cannot have their security guaranteed, maybe in the end they might find themself behind bars… Goodluck!

Vithi Veeran Subramaniam
14 Jun 2018 5.51pm

You are ****** my friend no raya 4u 😘😘😘

Goh Beow Hock
14 Jun 2018 2.40pm

So many skeletons I don’t think PH has the resources to handle even MO1 taking a long time to file charges. So question of priority

Kokkeong Chan
14 Jun 2018 5.54pm
Reply to  Goh Beow Hock

Yes. You are right. One at a time.

14 Jun 2018 11.15am

The PH goverment with TDM leadersip must open investigation using a drag net to catch all the BN & UMNO robbers of the rakyats money. Freeze all their bank account and confiscate all the unaccounted properties to get back all the money and pay up our 1 trillion debths. This must be done for the benefits of the Rakyat to reduce cost off living, poverty and to increase the value of the ringgit. This should be PH resolution.

Prashan Gunaseharan
14 Jun 2018 9.03am

Mana boleh sentuh member Tun….

Tengku JW
14 Jun 2018 6.51am

Lambat sangat. Macc tunggu punya tunngu. Sebelum siap siasat, dia sudah mampus lah.

Peter Lim-Pasqual
14 Jun 2018 1.59am

Syiok nya… there’s another “movie” in the making! That piece of RUBBISH must be dealt with, without fear or favour, under rule of law 🇲🇾

Kokkeong Chan
14 Jun 2018 1.08am

Let’s catch him. No more Governor post!

Shubas Bala
13 Jun 2018 11.51pm

Like Mahathir daim Razaks he is protected from crimes by a corrupted regime for decades of plunderings …… eventually all will answer Jehovah God ..

Jeda Lam
13 Jun 2018 11.30pm

Pity on sarawakians.. taib enjoyed for last of half century at the expense uneducated ppl in srwk

Mary Chin
14 Jun 2018 10.02am
Reply to  Jeda Lam

I’m not a Sarawakian; maybe Jeda isn’t one either? If it’s ok for West Malaysians to refer to Sarawakians as ‘uneducated people in Sarawak’, it would be equally legitimate for Thais/Singaoreans to say, ‘Pity the Malaysians. Najib enjoyed at the expense of uneducated ppl in Malaysia.’ That East Malaysians are uneducated is a common, ignorant misconception. There should be no place for such discriminative ignorance in New Malaysia. Go to the top universities around Malaysia, you will find many East Malaysians there.

Kuldeep Singh Gill
13 Jun 2018 9.45pm

Nab the bas….

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