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Unite in the fight against corruption

Wipe out corruption in Malaysia - BENEDICT LOPEZ/ALIRAN

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Patriot stands by the Agong and Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s government’s effort to wipe out corruption in the country.

Although corrupt cartels and powerful individuals are attempting to undermine the war on corruption, Patriot believes the will of the people will prevail.

Attempts to discredit the current government and its institutions and even use social media to attack our constitutional monarch will and must anger the people.

Patriot has chiselled out a manifesto and invites the people and leaders to endorse our clarion call.

We strongly support the Agong’s recent statement that he will not condone any form of corruption in our country.

We stand by what the “Madani” (civil and compassionate) government is currently doing to expose and bring to court high-profile corruption


We urge the government to be focused and to continue to have the political will to fight corruption in whatever form.

We condemn the Pas president’s efforts to legalise corruption by proclaiming that corruption is halal.

The vanguard institutions in the country – like the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the police – must be assisted, empowered and encouraged in this mammoth exercise to combat this scourge of corruption.

In this regard, we applaud the institutions in exposing even their own men and women found to be compromised or used by agents of national destruction.

We will marshal our strengths of association and partnering in ensuring that every notable effort to fight corruption is in the best interest of saving our nation from this scourge in high and low places where corruption is

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crippling the country and its people and jeopardising our children’s future.

We invite the media and civil society to loudly and persistently acknowledge that corruption has assumed, in recent decades, a colossal and convulsing larger-than-life significance.

It is rightly perceived as affecting not just good governance in the country but the whole being of the nation. It is posing an existential threat to the nation, once one of the brightest stars of Asia.

This devastating malaise, corruption, is eating into the core of the country, corroding standards and compromising safety, security and stability on all four frontiers – in politics, economics, society and the environment.

We also call for immediate and tough reforms in education and healthcare, which have been sliding fast these past decades. Begin by wiping out corruption at all levels within the education and healthcare sectors, both public or private.

Patriot declares that there cannot be any ambiguity about corruption. Corruption, in whatever form, is corruption – period.

We make this plea to political leaders, media persons, professional bodies, academicians, social media activists, union leaders, religious heads and the public to be sincerely and seriously involved in combating corruption.

Retired Lt Col Dato’ Zarazilah Mohd Ali is president of the National Patriots Association (Patriot)

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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