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Thailand’s military-appointed senators must vote responsibly on second PM vote

Pita Limjaroenrat - RAMESHE999/WIKIPEDIA

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Bersih expresses its deep concern and disappointment that Pita Limjaroenrat, whose coalition parties received over 60% of party-list votes, is blocked by military-appointed senators from becoming prime minister in the first vote.

Such affront to the voice of the Thai people is irresponsible and is destabilising Thailand, with widereaching ramifications for the Thai economy and even regional stability.

We urge the powerful unelected institutions in Thailand to end this political crisis and enable national reconciliation by voting in Limjaroenrat on the second vote on 19 July. Unelected senators must not challenge the Thai electorate and cause widespread unrest.

All orchestrated maneuvers to deny Limjaroenrat’s mandate – including last-minute legal challenges which could yet disqualify him – will raise significant questions about the viability of a peaceful political process in Thailand.

As an organisation dedicated to promoting clean and fair elections, Bersih closely monitors electoral processes around the world and stands in solidarity for the democratic rights of citizens.

A healthy democracy relies on the principles of representation and the will of the people. The fact that a candidate who enjoyed the majority of support from the electorate was not chosen as the prime minister threatens the legitimacy of not just the next Thai government but even that of the Thai political system.

Constitutional monarchies are strong in northwestern Europe and Japan though they do not have lese-majeste laws, simply because parliamentary democracy is not crippled by any unelected institution. Democracy is what prevents republicanism, the removal of monarchy.

It is essential that the will of the people is respected and reflected in the election results, as it forms the foundation of a democratic society and the basis for political stability and social order.

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Bersih believes every citizen’s voice matters, and it is crucial to maintain trust and confidence in the political system.

Therefore, Bersih urges Thailand’s senators and MPs to act wisely and responsibly on 19 July for the greater good of all sides, including powerful unelected institutions. – Bersih

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Pete T
Pete T
18 Jul 2023 11.25am

Your interference in Thailand’s internal politics raises the question of your journalism ethics. What your said shows either you don’t understand Thailand political process or chose to be biased. You’re 100% wrong. The facts are Thai senators were not appointed by Thailand military (I suggest you to research on the appointment process), and Thai senators (highly qualified men/women from diverse fields/professions) have responsibly performing their duties prescribed by Constitution. Pita’s failure to secure the required votes from the MPs & Senators for the PM post came from the fault of himself & his party; no one else to blame. Actually, MAJORITY Thais appreciated the senators’ decision to reject Pita. Pls take him as your PM.

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