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Hindraf linked to terrorists? Feeling good for wrong reasons

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Yesterday’s evening English news bulletin over "Feel Good" channel ntv7 made an amazing
statement. In the attempt to mud-sling Hindraf leaders, the government
inadvertently and definitely unintentionally spattered itself with
some of the same filth. ntv7 news reported that Hindraf
leaders were seeking international support and receiving funds from
international terrorist groups but failed to name any of the
terrorist groups. Instead, the report went on to say that Hindraf was
particularly seeking the support of the United Nations, the United
States and India.

This appears to imply, that the UN –
lumped with the US and India – is a known international terrorist
organisation. The joke seems to have backfired on the Malaysian
government who do not seem to realise that Malaysia is also a
member of the United Nations. If we take this logic further, the
government, therefore, is implying that Malaysia is a member of a
terrorist organisation.

Such statements not only smack of
sleaze and slander but also seem quite obviously to arise from an
irate and irrational state of mind pressured to respond, however,
illogically, to the existing crisis. This is only human, but in the
government’s case it is something that only serves to embarrass the

The smug self-righteous mask of the
model ˜Bolehland” appears to be crumbling, particularly over the
past one month. By their heavy-handed action against peaceful
demonstrators, our government has shown the world that it has little
time for the principles of democracy, justice, transparency,
accountability and good governance.

The national mainstream media are
re-branding our democracy and our ˜Malaysian-ness” by condemning
protest marches undertaken by lawyers in Pakistan and similar
demonstrations in other countries through anti-freedom of expression
advertisements, implying that these are wrong actions. .

The tragic situation caused by the
US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy has
been used to portray democracy as a bad thing. This misinformation is
meant to confuse the concepts of democracy and anarchy, particularly
amongst the lay sections of the population who have never been
exposed to such knowledge to tell the difference.

The mainstream media have become the
stooges of the government and its instruments of deception and
propaganda. Is Malaysia very different from those tin-pot
dictatorships and autocracies around the globe that we so often
condemn from our morally self-righteous pedestal?

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