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The Star: Supine mouthpiece of the BN

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Is it possible that Barisan may one day lose by popular votes but still form the government and maybe even have a two-thirds majority in Parliament? What will The Star say then, wonders John Inbaraj.

The Star (pg 2, 22 June 2011) says, “Bersih 2.0 rally is still politics all the same.”

Anyone reading The Star’s editorials and articles by its in-house editors/writers know from the start that the contents will favour the government. It’s only a matter of the strength of such leaning.

In the piece referred to above, the writer seems to link the Bersih organisers with “their political ringleaders”, referring, of course, to the opposition.

The writer judges Bersih as a populist organisation. He further states that had past elections not been credible, “the Pakatan Rakyat would not have won its several unprecedented victories in 2008”.

Such simplistic views are fit only for primary school kids. Had the elections been actually free and fair, couldn’t I suggest that Pakatan may have actually won more states and/or state and parliamentary seats?

Is it fair that Barisan-favoured constituencies are disproportionately smaller than opposition seats, some as many as ten times?

When armed forces personnel are free to move around for coffee breaks, why can’t they vote at polling stations? Why postal votes? Does The Star think this is fair and free?

The writer seems to forget that there have been numerous rallies by NGOs in its struggle for justice. Are readers supposed to passively swallow statements such as “if there had been no need for such demonstrations before (why now?)”

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In the early days, The Star had among its columnists some very vocal individuals. They included the Tunku, Mohamed Sopiee and Tan Chee Koon. Of course their columns were ‘sanitised’ after Operation Lallang and the Star changed its direction to be the mouthpiece of the government.

How can intelligent people put aside logic in their writing? Is it a requirement for continued employment with The Star?

The EC is a tool of the Barisan, but they do not have a two-thirds majority in parliament to enforce an electoral re-delineation exercise. PM Najib has also declared that the BN must win back Selangor from PKR, at any cost! How is this going to happen? Many envisage that the Barisan will fall harder. I simply cannot visualise a Barisan victory.

The way the EC has been manipulating electoral boundaries – is it possible that Barisan may one day lose by popular votes but still form the government and maybe even have a two-thirds majority in Parliament? What then, Star?

John Inbaraj is an Aliran member.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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25 Jun 2011 3.51am

the star have the highest rating pay? like seriously, i don’t work there but i know for sure they are not the best paid. their salary are laughable too.

enough bantering, if you see any of the star reporters, ask them how’s her/his work life.

writing a story for any newspaper is not a one-man’s job, then it’s ta dahhh published….

Sangat Penat
Sangat Penat
24 Jun 2011 6.38pm

These shameful writers will write anything you want as long as got (flashy car), huge $, title,overseas trips etc….they forgot their religion belief,their journalism ethics,truth be told.but they dont know how to write the word SHAME

24 Jun 2011 2.52pm

Stopped reading Star…since 2004… now the paper is full of advertisement… so all those advertisers in Star are actually supporting MCA!!,,,U SCRATCH MY BACK I SCRATCH UR BACK !!!

24 Jun 2011 9.58am

What’s new.

Star has (perhaps) been directed by their supreme master Umno to attack Bersih. Just read that fella Wong Chun Wai article today, where he said, ‘Bersih is not bersih after all’. This coming from a … MCA … propagandist who does things at Umno’s bidding beats it all.

d k
d k
23 Jun 2011 7.43pm

There is only one way to get the message across the the fading Star, and that is to stop buying the paper. They don’t care as long as the paper is still making money, and the journalists don’t care because they are the best paid journalists in the country (dare I say in the region other than Singapore’s lapdogs). There is no better time to support the alternative media than now. We should all build up the alternative media so that Malaysians do not have to depend on them anymore.

charlie chan
charlie chan
23 Jun 2011 7.18pm

is there any honor n integrity left among our so call intellectual editors n journalists . is your job to spin only. take aleaf from LEE KUAN YEW book- hard truths to keep singapore going. read n see how a team of dedicated leaders lead singapore to a first world country in 30 years. LKY said – we must have top quality leaders. national interests override self n party interests. how did singapore progress to such a great economy- a small nation without water, no resources, no hinterland n nothing. LKY said – good governance, no corruption n a top civil service . national interests n her citizens livelihood n interests comes first, what a selfless leader.look at malaysia now – rich in oil n gas n resources – yet we are a poor nation. corruption is rife, nepotism n cronyism rules n self n party interests comes first – the citizens can suffer n bear all the burdens, the media spins daily n when the economy crash – it will affect all n sundry including the smart journalists

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