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Kuala Lumpur under siege!

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Kuala Lumpur is under siege. It is under siege by the police. We are not facing any external threat neither are we under any attack. But we are under siege by our own police.

Police roadblock on the night of 8 July 2011 - Photograph: Jack Ooi/The Malaysian Insider

What is happening in KL doesn’t make sense. What is happening in KL is troubling. A situation of emergency is being created wantonly. A large area is coming under strict police control.

We are witnessing the greatest mobilisation of the police force in our entire history. It is a complete waste of resources and totally unnecessary. The police should be concentrating their efforts in bringing criminals to book instead of wasting their time in stopping a peaceful gathering.

Ninety-one Malaysians have been barred from entering the city centre under threat of arrest. A court order has been obtained to enforce this ruling. Among the 91 are two Malaysians who have been detained on 2 July 2011 under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969. They are still under detention. What makes the police think that somehow or other they will escape from their security cell in Bukit Aman and make their way to the Merdeka Stadium?

This restriction order is absolutely absurd. What about those who live in KL? Are they required to shift
their residence outside KL and relocate themselves elsewhere? What about those who work in KL? Are they forced to be absent from their duty? This court order doesn’t make any sense at all. In fact, it is senseless!

All this seems unnecessary. All that Malaysians want to do is to walk peacefully to register their protest against the Election Commission for conducting elections that are seen as “not free and fair.” These very unfair elections have been going on for decades. We have now reached a boiling point when it is not possible to tolerate this any longer. So Malaysians decided to march on 9 July 2011.

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But out of deference to the Yang diPertuan Agong, the Bersih Steering Committee willingly agreed to the the Prime Minister’s offer to allow Bersih to use a stadium in KL. But the PM did a somersault and said it was up to the police to decide if the Bersih would be issued a permit to hold the gathering.

Bersih had come down from their earlier uncompromising stand to have an open rally and decided that they would now gather at the Merdeka Stadium. But the police and others are putting all sorts of unnecessary obstacles. The Merdeka Stadium is not available on flimsy grounds. The police refuse to grant a permit for this peaceful gathering and want it to be held elsewhere, possibly in one of the Pakatan-controlled states. When arrangements have been made for the rally to be held in KL, now to tell them to go elsewhere is only making Malaysians angry and frustrated.

To stop this peaceful, democratic rally – guaranteed as a right under the Federal Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – is to ignore the rule of law and tarnish our reputation as a member of the UN Human Rights Council. When we occupy this exalted position on the Council, we should be setting examples for the rest of the world instead of becoming the laughing-stock of the world.

This gathering would not threaten the security of the country or in any way pose a risk to public order.
What the police should do is to restrain Pekasa and Umno Youth from marching on the same day. These are the trouble-makers who may create unrest and disorder tomorrow.

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Even at this last minute, it is not too late to allow Bersih to gather at Medeka Stadium. This is one positive way to defuse this volatile situation. Let good sense prevail.

Aliran Executive Committee
8 July 2011

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11 Jul 2011 1.04am

WHY when PK won PRU12 5 states, they kept quite and no BERSIH issue and was very happy with PK result? Why was they did not claim the election was dirty then…. and ask for relection or something….

Many Malaysian support BERSIH are stupid…. not all but many… if BERSIH is very clean… then they should not have taken PK leaders along in rally…. deny every political parties to join rally… be neutral and have the rally by their own…

12 Jul 2011 7.17pm
Reply to  Mojo

Mojo, you have your sequence of dates all mixed up! Is it due to stupidity? Have you forgotten about the Bersih rally in 2007? It was only after that Bersih rally that PR won 5 states. But, there was no real change at the time how elections were conducted and there is STILL no real change since, even until now, but the people who voted changed! Thats how Bersih works. However, since UMNO/BN is dead against changing the election process for fear of losing more seats, it is even more imperative now to have a clean and transparent election process before the next GE because UMNO/BN is desperate to hang on to power and will try to exploit the existing flawed election process to use all their dirty tricks to win. Simple tricks include limiting the campaigning period and not allowing independent monitoring of the balloting process both of which they did in Sarawak. Of course they will also allow the media to report only their news and not the opposition to influence the voters to think only they have any merit. These are all real… Read more »

9 Jul 2011 9.39pm

BN is afraid. The next question is afraid of what their own shadow or admitting they were actually committing electoral fraud…

Esa Adam
Esa Adam
9 Jul 2011 2.38pm

I fully support police actions on members of Bersih 2. All arrested protestors should be sent to Pulau Perhentian instead of Pulapor. In pulapol you have to feed them. Menghabiskan duit rakyat. At Pulau Perhentian let them find their own food. Then they will know how difficult to earn a living in Kuala Lumpur.

9 Jul 2011 11.29am

Beware that Kotor UMNO BN will use all the dirtiest means to stop Bersih to Rally Protest in Stadiums/Elsewhwere using all the dirtiest of their dirty tactics that they used with impunity for more than 50 years of their rule.

Kotor is the right word to describe UMNO BN from the more than 50 years of track records of oppressions of the Rakyats by using the Police Force as their tools of violence and blatant mismanagement of Malaysia with rampant corruptions and cheating and plundering the coffers of the Federal Government. Kotor is the word aptly describe UMNO BN and the underhand dirty tactics they use to suppress the press and misinform the general public of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races must get rid of this Kotor evil regime with the thorough cleansing by Bersih which is the spirits of all the Rakyats for the wellbeing of all the future generations of all Malaysians in the next GE..

9 Jul 2011 11.10am

Well.. I think the police is doing a very good job. They are there to ensure there will be no treat to our national security. Beside, politician please don’t use violence and brute force. Seat down and talk things thru. Fighting is not going to resolve anything. It only makes everyones live a living hell. Think about, if we are going to have a rage and protest, those … American are going to laugh their head off and then they will add oil to the fire we our country will end up in war like Iraq. Please have self control. Don’t over do it. Satu Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! I love Malaysia regardless who is in control of the government because I am Malaysian!

9 Jul 2011 9.48am

Come GE13 the Rakyat should resolve to Bersih clean BN.Its time that unregistered rakyat to register as voter. Peoples Power is the ONLY way teach the lunatic BN led govt. Change we must.

najib manaukau
9 Jul 2011 8.44am

The deceitful and corrupted morons from Umno is running really scare, very scare that their gravy trains’ days are numbered. Consequently they are turning K.L. into a ghost town using their lackeys the quarter cooked police to do everything and anything regardless of what the people are or the laws are saying. They just want to remain in power so that they wouldn’t be indicted, thrown in jail and their stolen wealths are sized. All the … dictators in the Northern African and the Middle Eastern countries are good example of what will happen to these deceitful and corrupted morons from Umno. Consequently they will do whatever that can prevent similar events from happening to them in Malaysia. 53 years of deceits and corruptions are more than enough. These morons can try to prevent the rally from taking place in K.L. but it will happen all over the world. Can these morons prevent them from taking place ? Remember this is just only the tip of the iceberg a whole lot more are going to take place. We are now in 2011 and have excess to… Read more »

k.m nyo
k.m nyo
9 Jul 2011 7.50am

Mr. Besih!!Have you already cleaned the Mongolian Model case?

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