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Ushering in 2012 with bloodied action against students

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Aliran condemns the high-handed and uncalled-for police action at the dawn of the New Year against university students championing a cause that merits the support of all freedom-loving Malaysians.

University students protest in support of academic freedom

The students and their leaders were protesting at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) against the oppressive and regressive Universities and University Colleges Act and in support of student leader Adam Adli Abdul Halim, who was facing disciplinary action instituted against him by the university. It is reliably learned that these students who stood up for justice and fairness were reportedly allegedly beaten up and arrested.

It is indeed shocking and revolting that one student, Muhammad Safwan Anang, was allegedly beaten up, punched and kneed until he lost consciousness. We understand that he is now in a critical condition.

The police have no right or cause to resort to this brutality in defiance of the rule of law. They cannot take the law into their hands and do as they like. Malaysia is not a police state.

This harsh and cruel treatment by the police meted out against the students flies in the face of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s purported pledge to reform the rules governing universities and university colleges in the country. What has transpired has only raised doubts about the credibility of the PM’s Transformation Agenda. Worse, it makes a mockery of internationally accepted norms of promoting academic freedom and freedom of expression amongst students and lecturers.

Right-thinking Malaysians should be reminded that promoting much-cherished academic freedom and freedom of expression is not a criminal act that deserves ruthless treatment by the police. If anything, it is expected of students and lecturers, apart from other concerned Malaysians, to champion such a noble cause with dedication and determination.

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We call upon the Home Minister and the Inspector-General of Police to haul up the police officers responsible for this ghastly and violent action in the early hours of the morning of 2012. We don’t need blood and inhumane actions to usher in the New Year.

Aliran Executive Committee
1 January 2012

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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8 Jan 2012 11.27am

Of course, students who prioritize things other than their studies and do badly in their studies have their priorities wrong and as far as that is concerned, yes you are correct, I do agree. But in regards to what started the discussion, this is neither here nor there. The original issue was about police brutality and beating up a student. Was that a true story? Not according to you. Again, that’s not really the key issue either. What is at issue is the police abused their powers. That’s what I meant about not not covering up by making up stories. While we are distracted talking about student priorities the police are getting away with (a lot).

7 Jan 2012 3.00pm

That means , they got their priorities wrong, that’s what I said and you indirectly agree with me …. wasting time politicking and romancing instead of studying

7 Jan 2012 2.24am

‘KUALA LUMPUR: The student movement Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) admits that some of its members have performed badly academically.
Due to that they will put their studies on hold first while they continue to fight for academic freedom, SMM president Ahmad Syukri Abdullah told The Mole.’

I guess they have their priorities mixed up and Aliran and the opposition seems to support this? What a shame…

7 Jan 2012 11.22am
Reply to  Chronic

Please don’t generalize, don’t make sweeping statements and don’t try to cover up. I was a local university student myself and I can assure you that many students do badly not because they are involved in politics but because they couldn’t handle their course work while at the same time do other things, such as (only one example!) – romance. At the same time, there are many students who excel in spite of being involved in many different activities. And guess what? The students who excel in many different activities are highly sought after when they graduate.

Saghir Ahmad
2 Jan 2012 11.20pm

you all not fighting for Justice, Freedom and Solidarity

Saghir Ahmad
2 Jan 2012 10.18pm

Do Aliran knows what really happend , why should Aliran giving wrong iformations to rakyat are Aliran buyers….

2 Jan 2012 2.05am

Chronic, you begin by writing as though you know what really happen and wish to refute Aliran’s version. Then in one sentence you destroy your credibility when you write what is clearly only your conjecture ‘if the student was bashed up so badly, he would have been sent to Ipoh..’. It looks like you are as bad as you make Aliran out to be, also writing irresponsibly. If you know what really happen, say so and don’t make up stories and make yourself a bigger fool. In Aliran’s write up they did mention they ‘reliably learnt’ their story. How reliable are you?

7 Jan 2012 2.14am
Reply to  Isma

If you are still not convinced bout what I said, all I can say is, stop reading Aliran and go have a life!!!

7 Jan 2012 11.16am
Reply to  Chronic

You seem like an intelligent person. An intelligent person would write statements that support each other. As I wrote earlier, you made a bold statement that Aliran didn’t know what really happened but your following statement did not support the first. Tell me, would you believe someone who tells you something, doesn’t provide any points besides his opinion and then says if you don’t believe him to get a life? You would be in that group of people who frequently get cheated buying magic rocks and look like fools when they their stories appear in one of the daily papers.

1 Jan 2012 10.00pm

Please be responsible in publishing articles like this as what is said is untrue. If the student was bashed up so badly, he would have been sent to Ipoh as they would not manage cases like that in Slim River. First of all, why demonstrate at 2 a.m? All this could be prevented if they had not demonstrated, why encourage students to demonstrate? Why people in Aliran, some ‘so called’ intellects, advice people to negotiate and have peaceful talks instead of organising demonstrations and violence? I think before you call upon the IGP and home minister, find out the truth as to what had occured and if the so called allegations that you have mentioned are really true. Dont make a fool out of yourselves as you have already done.

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