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A threat to the ‘life of Psy’

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Aliran is deeply disturbed by the reported threat on the young life of the well-known Korean pop sensation Psy, who recently gyrated to the satisfaction of his fans at a performance in Penang organised by Barisan Nasional in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.


It is not only the life of Psy that was at stake, but also the image of Malaysia – whose people are generally peace-loving. At a time when the national crime index is said to be improving, this revelation of a attempt on the superstar’s life would surely smudge the image of the country as a peaceful place especially when the event has made headlines the world over. Furthermore, this tarnished image goes against the grain of the courtesy that Malaysians often extend to visitors and guests.

It doesn’t augur well for fun-loving Malaysians to be subjected to such a danger especially when they were there to enjoy the new year and the sensational performance, Gangnam-style no less. Thank God Psy was nonetheless able to give his best on stage despite the security threat.

Equally appalling is that the Prime Minister and his entourage, who were together on stage for the celebrated yee sang, would have been easily vulnerable to such a security risk. The premier, the group around him and the ordinary rakyat in the audience should have been swiftly alerted to so that they could have been shielded imminent danger.

We call upon the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this foiled attempt on the life of Psy as it has repercussions on the image of the country, the entertainment industry as well as tourism. It could also have a possible effect on the political fortunes of the BN and on Malaysia-South Korea diplomatic relations.

Last but not least, we condemn unreservedly the killjoys!

Dr Mustafa K Anuar
Aliran Hon. Secretary
15 February 2013

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Dr Mustafa K Anuar, a longtime executive committee member and former honorary secretary of Aliran, is, co-editor of our newsletter. He obtained his PhD from City, University of London and is particularly interested in press freedom and freedom of expression issues. These days, he is a a senior journalist with an online media portal
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2 Mar 2013 12.00am

It was so strange. If Psy’s life had really been threatened, the performance should have been immediately stopped. Yet, it went on without any hitch in a very upbeat way. Just imagine, Psy was actually more important than the PM. In such a situation, one would expect the police to take the PM off stage for his protection first, as Psy wasn’t on stage anyway. So, what was all the hooha about, just to save BN red faces? Ironically, Psy turned up for a meal at a Korean restaurant in Tanjung Tokong where 200 fans were already waiting for him after the performance. He probably dashed out the back after the meal, so he wouldn’t be causing a traffic jam on Tanjung Tokong Road! No threats in sight.

Ong Eu Soon
23 Feb 2013 9.25pm

We have allowed the cyber troopers of DAP to run amok in the internet sphere for the last 5 years. The either you are with us or the enemy attitude has contributed to the growth of a group of non sensible hate mongers, that go all out to attack anyone, critical to issues affecting their idol, with vulgar or disrespectful comments. The cyber troopers have tarnished our image abroad when they went all out to PSY’s official website to pledge with Psy not to come. Some even went to the extend of using vulgar comments towards PSY. The CNY open house should be treated as an occasion for celebration not politicking irrespective who is the organizer. Can we just put aside our political differences for a while to enjoy the Gangnam style horse riding? I do not believe that PSY’s performance by itself can sway the votes to BN. The over reacting of the CM only reflected him as an immature and childish politician who can’t resist the temptation to attack his enemy on any occasion. His spiteful behavior has contributed to the over-zealousness of the… Read more »

Yap Teong Hooi
Yap Teong Hooi
17 Feb 2013 11.50pm

“A threat to the life of Psy” is a bluff. No sensible Chinese will do that unless money is involved’ We were there for good fun and food. Why should one want to threaten him unless the people who organised the event had lost face and therefore they had to create some diversion from the real event. I am certain that at the end of the investigation, if any, there will be no conclusion as always

15 Feb 2013 10.43pm

N.Koreans ? Malaysia ? Psy ? cuckoo ? The plot thickens … What else, dear friends in the mass media ? James Bond ?

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