Dictatorial and arrogant

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The Registrar of Societies is a civil servant. He is expected to be civil in the discharge of his duties and humble in his conduct. This is how rapport is cultivated with the people whom he is there to serve.

Registrar Abdul Rahman Othman
Registrar of Societies director-general Abdul Rahman Othman

These virtues are totally lacking in the Registrar of Societies in addressing the issue involving the Democratic Action Party. He is clearly acting as a dictator. His conduct is rather arrogant.

Why is it so difficult for him to be rational in this dispute? Why is he reluctant to be courteous in providing details that are expected of him?

When he ordered the re-election of the CEC, he is obliged to state under which rule he is acting. He is obliged to point out the rule that empowers him to take the action that he has.

He is obliged to state why he is rejecting the DAP’s reply to his show cause letter. He has to explain why the DAP’s clarification is not acceptable to him.

It is ludicrous for him to order a fresh election when he has been communicating with the Secretary-General of the party as a legitimate elected official of the DAP. He had even given his consent for the Secretary-General to sign the forms in that capacity authorising the DAP candidates to contest in GE13. He had even written to the Secretary-General of the DAP consenting to the use of the party symbol, the Rocket, in the 13 GE.

His communication and dealings with the DAP had clearly established the fact that the ROS had indeed recognised the officials elected on 15 December 2012.

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The DAP leaders had acted and taken decisions as duly elected officials of the party right up to this day. They were indeed permitted to do so simply because they have not been suspended as officials of the party.

Why can’t the ROS accept the clarification provided by the DAP in good faith? They have explained that there was no intention to cheat in the party election and that there was a technical glitch which caused the problem. This had been verified by the findings of a firm of internationally recognised auditors the party commissioned to review the process. Is the ROS doubting the findings of this internationally recognised auditors?

Thinking Malaysians seem to be of the opinion that the ROS is under orders to go after the DAP. After GE13, the DAP has emerged as the second biggest political party in parliament. This is viewed as a great threat to the powers-that-be. And therefore it has to be targeted for destruction.

To dispel that there is no truth whatsoever to this notion, the ROS must desist from acting and harassing the DAP any further. He should in good faith and in good conscience accept their clarification and bring to a close this unhappy episode.

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran executive committee member
3 August 2013

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najib manaukau
3 Aug 2013 6.09pm

This is what you get when you have people appointed to the post by the rapscallions from Umno, they become Umno’s lackeys and ALWAYS acting as though he or she is not answerable to anyone, except of course Umno. Here is a good example and also isn’t he acting the same way just like civil servants under the incumbent administration. As I have said this before and I am sure it will keep happening again and again and that is why this country is going to the dogs. Unless, of course all the present so called coalition partners in BN leave the coalition and presently that is the only way to stop all these shambles taking place. Just look around you Malaysia is in a …y mess, Malaysia is one, if not the only country in the world where dinning out in a restaurant, there is a need to have security guards holding machine gun to protect you. I thought the only place you get to see a similar scenario will be going to your bank and now even when you are dinning at a restaurant.… Read more »

Ed G
Ed G
3 Aug 2013 5.57pm

The action by the ROS is seemingly without professionalism and out of line with the principle of natural justice. Why seemingly without professionalism? Because it is as though the decision to order the fresh election was made in an arbitrary manner without any consideration of the facts and supporting evidence provided vis-a-vis existing laws related to the issue; otherwise, the reasons would have be furnished together with the letter or at the very least provided immediately upon request. Even if the reasons were to be given now, wouldn’t it be seen more as an afterthought? What out of line with natural justice? Because the letter went straight into ordering a re-election based on the grounds of ‘unacceptability of the answers vis-a-vis the show cause letter’. On what ground unacceptable? How to argue or appeal against the decision?

C. Alfred
C. Alfred
3 Aug 2013 5.00pm

Yes this ROS is not only arrogant but is playing a dangerous game of politics as the ROS. He has been communicating to the mass media even before communicating with DAP and is biased and acting with mala fides. A civil servant is trying to tell us Malaysians that he has absolute powers to do what he pleases with the DAP elections of the CEC members. ROS should apply his powers in accordance with the law. and his display of arrogance is unacceptable to the ordinary citizens

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