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Has taxpayers’ money been used to foot PM’s political ads?

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Aliran is deeply concerned that the Prime Minister’s Department had reportedly spent some RM36.1m in February for political advertisements in the run-up to the 13th general election.

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It is outrageous if taxpayers’ money has been used to conduct electoral campaigning for the benefit of the incumbent BN coalition. Let us be clear: party electioneering must be funded by the respective parties concerned, and not by using taxpayers’ money.

We call upon the Najib administration to cease abusing public funds for promoting the BN in the election campaign. In this regard, the MACC as well as the Election Commission should immediately initiate a thorough investigation into this serious breach of parliamentary democracy.

The reported RM36.1 million could be put to good use in upgrading existing general hospitals and building more low-cost houses for the needy, for example. This would have served the public in a constructive manner.

Malaysians have seen too much of their taxes being spent for the wrong reasons in the recent past.

Aliran executive committee
25 March 2013

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26 Mar 2013 4.50pm

Of course; after all the taxpayers’ money is the government personal ATM machine. CHANGE WE MUST! And when Pakatan takes over, an intensive audit must take place in order that the perpetrators be held accountable.

SL Wong (@wong8898)
27 Mar 2013 12.16pm
Reply to  JayCee

Yeah. Must korek all BN cronies, friends & family inside out & upside down. Confiscate all their assets, hand bags, diamond rings….to repay the debts.


najib manaukau
26 Mar 2013 2.46pm

No doubt Najib is given away money that is not his and more importantly the government do not have ! Just take whatever Najib is giving away please remember if Najib and all his morons are retained they will surely come up with new taxes to claw back the money they gave away. To ensure that it is not going to happen vote them out of Putrajaya in the coming GE !

25 Mar 2013 10.23pm

GE13 has not officially been sanctioned,so to use public fund to campaign is morally and legally wrong. There should be a rule and guideline as to the legitimate use of funds by the PM Dept. But then again who is going to have the final say on this matter as the PM is the ultimate CEO of the country. The only avenue will be the Parliament but can our system do it?

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