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Will Pas join forces with Umno to topple the Pakatan-led Selangor government?

Can Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim sign such an agreement?

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What has been dragging on unnecessarily for some months now has disappointed and frustrated Malaysians with the Pakatan Rakyat.

khalid ibrahim

The Menteri Besar’s position is a party matter and the coalition partners should have the wisdom to recognise it as such.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat should have been allowed to sort out their internal problem without any interference from the coalition partners. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Pas’ insistence that Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim should be retained is like throwing a spanner into the works. If the nominating party had lost confidence in its own candidate, the sensible thing is for the party responsible to nominate a replacement. It is their right to do so.

But for Pas not to observe and respect this simple logic has disappointed Malaysians because this has actually prolonged the problem.

Pas’ stand is that Khalid had not been convicted of any wrong-doing and therefore should continue to be the MB of Selangor. It is a fair stand to take. But what is the repercussion and consequence resulting from this position?

If a motion of no confidence is moved in the State Assembly, how would Pas vote? Having expressed its support for Khalid, it will have to vote against the motion. That is understandable.

But it would also mean that Pas will be voting with Umno against its own coalition partners. It will be seen as cooperating with Umno and acting in collusion with a former sworn enemy.

Apart from that, what would be the outcome of such voting? The DAP and Keadilan will have a combined strength of 28 votes as against the combined votes of Pas, Umno and Khalid which will also be 28 votes! Both sides will be tied evenly. This is when horse-trading and possible bribery will take place.

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This situation is reminiscent of the Perak crisis and the frogs that shamelessly betrayed the voters of Perak by abandoning the party which was responsible for their victory. All that Umno needs to do is to entice two or more Assembly members from the Pakatan side, and lo and behold you will have Umno forming the next Selangor government with Pas.

For Pas to help Umno to form the next Selangor State Government is something that is unpalatable considering the fact that Pas has been consistently talking about justice and morality and condemning corruption.

Umno can only help to form the next government by ignoring the principles of justice and democracy and by inducing others to jump ship to win over the much-needed numbers.

Would Pas want to be part of this unsavoury manipulation to topple a duly elected Pakatan government? Umno will go to whatever lengths to capture power and rule Selangor. Would Pas go along with this unscrupulous, undemocratic effort on the part of Umno?

If it does, Pas would be tainted forever and would not be able to speak with any authority on issues concerning ethics, justice, democracy, fairness and morality in the future.

It would be remembered as a party that joined forces with Umno to frustrate the voters of Selangor. It would be a terrible betrayal!

They will remember the painful, immortal words of Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s play: “Et tu, Brute?”

Pas, hopefully, will remember the words of William Blake: “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”

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P Ramakrishnan
Executive committee member
11 August 2014

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