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Will they be seduced by money or remain true to their conscience?

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No one can predict how the controversial Selangor Menteri Besar issue will be solved. It is very murky. There can be many possibilities but none will be satisfactory.

wan azizah

Most Malaysians are wondering whether PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will be appointed as the MB of Selangor.

According to democratic norms and traditions, “the person who is likely to command the majority support of the assembly” will most certainly be the candidate for consideration. This is the prerequisite. This is the all important pre-condition for an appointment.

In the case of Wan Azizah, she is not only “the person who is likely to command the majority support of the state assembly”, she is indeed the person commanding the majority support of the Selangor State Assembly. She has in her possession 30 signed statutory declarations pledging absolute support for her as the next MB of Selangor.

In the event someone else is appointed as the MB – notwithstanding that as of now no one else besides Wan Azizah commands the majority support – there is nothing that can be done about this appointment until the Selangor State Assembly convenes in November.

Between now and November, many things can transpire with the tendency to subvert democracy. It is not entirely impossible for a few assembly members now with Wan Azizah to jump ship given the right inducement to switch camps. This is the real danger that is confronting Malaysians who are desperately hoping and praying that democracy will survive and prevail during this crisis.

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Is it possible that some of the 30 assembly members who have pledged their support for Wan Azizah may be seduced by monetary gains to dishonour their solemn pledge? This is the crucial question that is haunting well-meaning citizens.

Will the Yang Berhormats remain as honourable men and women of integrity or will they dishonour themselves by forsaking their principles and breaking ranks with their comrades? Will they betray the trust placed in them by the electorate when they were voted in?

This is why it is important for the Pakatan party to organise a big gathering where all these 30 assembly members will publicly and solemnly take a pledge before the Malaysians who are present and promise to stick with Pakatan right to the end through thick and thin.

Let them say that they will not tarnish their character and reputation by accepting any inducement, that they will not turn their backs on all those who had put their trust and faith in them.

Let them guarantee that they will remain faithful to democratic norms and traditions and they will forever remain true to their conscience.

Let them make this commitment to the public.

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran executive committee member
9 September 2014

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