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Why are the authorities so cruel to Anwar?

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Anwar has been sick for some time now, according to reports. It is stated that he has been having blood in his stools for three weeks. It has not been arrested and therefore it can be termed as serious. It is an indication that there is internal bleeding.

The loss of weight of six kilogrammes may also be related to this. That is a drastic loss of weight.

Any internal bleeding needs an urgent medical remedy. But why are the authorities not giving serious attention to this condition? Any delay would only aggravate this worrying medical problem.

What’s more, he also has high blood pressure, which can be dangerous. It can lead to a stroke. If in spite of medication, his blood pressure hovers around 163/108, it would mean that whatever medication that he is on is not helping him. And, despite a Medical Officer attending to him in the prison, he has not responded at all. Obviously, he needs a thorough medical investigation in a hospital.

His old injury on his right shoulder where there is a “full thickness tear” sustained in a car accident a year ago requires an MRI scan and possible surgery for a full recovery. Despite requests by Anwar’s family members for this procedure and treatment, the authorities regrettably have not been forthcoming.

It is most unfortunate that Anwar is not getting the urgent hospitalisation that he deserves. He has to be in hospital immediately before his condition deteriorates beyond repair. But why is there a delay for him to go into hospital? Why wait until next Tuesday, 2 June 2015 when he can go in immediately?

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It doesn’t require sanction from higher-ups to have Anwar admitted to hospital. From what we understand, “The Medical Officer may, with the approval of the Officer-in-charge, at any time arrange for any prisoner to undergo medical test, as he may deem fit”.

What is the problem? Does the Medical Officer deem that it is not necessary for Anwar to undergo hospital treatment immediately? Or is it the case of the Officer-in-charge not giving his approval?

Whatever the reason, the right of Anwar to receive the best and immediate medical attention has been inordinately delayed, conveying the impression that the authorities are being mean and callous towards Anwar. This attitude is not in keeping with the tenets of Islam.

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran Executive Committee member
30 May 2015

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