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Donald Trump’s victory holds out hope for Malaysians

Former US President Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not the best of candidates. Neither inspired the nation and neither fared as predicted.

Perhaps a historic opportunity was lost when Clinton was unexpectedly defeated. This was an occasion after more than 200 years when America could have elected its first ever woman president and created a precedent for future elections. But it was not to be.

This was the only regret – not because Clinton lost but because a woman could not be elected. An historic opportunity was lost.

That said, few expected Trump to win. One of them perhaps was Trump himself who remained confident and defiant right to the end, dismissing the opinions of the political pundits and the so-called expert forecasters who predicted that it would be a walk-away victory for Clinton.

There is a lesson for Malaysians in Trump’s victory: it holds out hope for depressed Malaysians who despair that our country is beyond repair and redemption.

Everything, as it were, went against Trump. He did not have political experience or any administrative experience in government, having never held an elected position. He was very much an underdog in this contest.

Clinton was First Lady for eight long years when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Even before that, she was the First Lady of Arkansas for more than 10 years when Bill Clinton was Governor. She was a US senator for New York for eight years and was part of President Barack Obama’s cabinet for four. She wielded vast and formidable experience and expertise in government to take on Trump.

Clinton’s team demonised Trump for his lack of demeanour and exposed his sexual escapades – hoping to turn women voters against him. But the majority of non-college educated women voted for him!

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All attempts to undermine Trump and derail his campaign did not work simply because white Americans, men and women, the middle class and the jobless lower class were purely fed up with the elite establishment. They had heard a lot of promises and rhetoric but that did not change their condition or benefit them. It was business as usual for them – a very hard life trying to get by.

Trump tapped into the deep-rooted anger and frustrations of these Americans very aggressively and often in an alarming manner to seek their support. He rode on their perennially neglected grievances and provided a glimmer of hope for change. That is what they wanted!

So they revolted and struck back at the establishment knowing that they had nothing to lose in electing Trump. They must have decided that a new change would not be worse than their present situation, which was hopeless.

This is very much like Malaysian politics. Umno ministers and leaders have derided the Opposition for their lack of experience in running the government. And as such, they warned that the country would be in ruins if the Opposition formed the government. They earnestly urge Malaysians not to gamble with their future by electing the Opposition.

What makes them think that suffering Malaysians won’t take the plunge this time? What have they to lose by doing so? Will their lot change by sticking with the Barisan Nasional? It hasn’t, these past 59 years.

Like in America, there is much unhappiness and suffering among the lower-income group who form the majority in Malaysia. Since Independence, their lot has not changed though they had stuck with the BN ever faithfully.

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To add to their misery, the government introduced the GST, which has hurt the poor very gravely. The GST is helping the government to rake in billions of ringgit but it is the poor who are hit the hardest when everything costs more for them and makes their lives even harder and more unbearable.

The elected politicians voted for themselves a raise of several thousand ringgit every month while trying to dupe the poor with a meagre Brim handout once a year that hardly helps them to sustain themselves over the year. In today’s climate, what can a thousand-plus ringgit do to alleviate the suffering of the poor who struggle to subsist with a few hundred ringgit monthly?

Housing has posed a pressing problem for the urban poor. The present escalating prices have put house ownership beyond their dream. If only the money that is being squandered and plundered is available for common use, affordable houses can be built to house the homeless. But this is a dream shattered with this establishment in governance.

The level of corruption is beyond belief – indeed it is staggering. Money goes into private pockets without being seen. It is only a bank transaction. It is hard to imagine how much and how often money went into personal accounts.

But when a mind-boggling case of corruption was unearthed recently in Sabah, we saw boxes and boxes of money in their millions being stashed away in rooms. That indelible image takes our breath away. It seems so much money can be made by the corrupt in government service.

But how many corrupt officials have escaped without being caught? How many billions have been lost by the country to the detriment of the poor who deserve more welfare assistance? How much better off our public healthcare would be if more money is channelled into it?

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So many laws have been passed just to control and weaken our democratic process. Honest comments and criticisms are not tolerated. Journalists are harassed, news portals are raided, and people can’t demonstrate peacefully.

People are unhappy with the courts. Some of the judgments are so appalling and disconcerting. We wonder what happened to our courts!

Many issues of concern deeply frustrate the people. They realise that their freedom is being curtailed and denied; they can be pulled up for questioning on the basis of a report lodged with the police, however ridiculous that report may be.

The people are more conscious now that they have been betrayed and deprived for decades by the establishment and the politicians. We have been promised reform and good governance at every election but after that nothing happens – promises made are hardly kept. Promises were made to be broken, as it were.

By now, Malaysians should realise – and indeed they do – that nothing will change with the present regime. It will be status quo under Umno. If 59 years of Umno rule has not made much difference to the rural folks who are still in their miserable state, another 59 years of Umno rule will not lessen their misery.

It is time for Malaysians to learn a lesson from Trump’s victory and vote in the Opposition to run the country. It is time for action. This is the historic opportunity that we have been waiting for.

We must vote against the establishment – like the Americans; only then will change come!

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran executive committee
12 November 2016

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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18 Nov 2016 7.05am

Donald trump attitudes as a citizen, promoter in wwf, friends he keeps, opinion of women etc indicates he is very flawed. Infact both individuals is usa 16′ had issues. Donald has also said many things that are closer to hitler-gobbels pair. I do hope he is not the inspiration to a new malaysia post a change. Trust me when i say openly as you might as well wished attila the hun as a inspiration towards clean perfect doom.

Yes we did understand the point that the voters may wake up. However only 1 in 5 American voters voted. 47% eligible did not vote. So i do need see hope here

I live in sydney. We are asking our pm turnbull to be more forth right to the alt right that donald /klu klux klan represents and we have a few in oz as well. I need to practise yoga now and become.

Margaret Kam
Margaret Kam
13 Nov 2016 2.18pm

We are still very much with you ALIRAN. Keep up with the good work. Common Malaysians, donate to Aliran generously. They need funds to continue fighting for justice, fighting for us.

Diana Kubilos
Diana Kubilos
13 Nov 2016 12.56pm

As a progressive American living in Malaysia, I have sought comfort and critical information in Aliran’s magazine in the many years I’ve lived here. However, I need to share how shocked and horrified I was to read Aliran’s media statement above. Thousands of progressives across America are still protesting Trump’s election (not his win of the popular vote) and all it stands for- extreme bigotry, greed, and making money off the backs of low-income workers. And please remember that Trump offering hope as ‘anti-establishment’ is a complete hoax: he supports the even further corporatization of America, which is at the foundation of the increasing division between rich and poor. How would this be a source of hope?

A Sandosham
A Sandosham
13 Nov 2016 11.07am

The sentiment of the article is appreciated. But Trump is a human molotov cocktail that is threatening to wreck havoc on equal rights, the environment, basic principles of justice. He wants to cut taxes on the rich at a time when the US has a huge wealth gap. His initial cabinet appointments already look like far right conservatives that are planning on rolling back social programs for the poor and disenfranchised. His victory against the political machinery is laudable but Trump is not a man I want Malaysia to emulate.

F J Gregory
13 Nov 2016 8.46am

Every Malaysian show read this. Every Malaysian should benifit equally.

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