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RM2.6bn corruption can be tolerated, but not so-called RM2.8m corruption!

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Thinking Malaysians are rightly outraged at the arrest of YB Lim Guan Eng for allegedly committing corruption in the purchase of a bungalow as his residence. It is the flimsiest excuse to destroy a political life.

It is beyond their understanding how this would have constituted corruption in the absence of clear-cut evidence to support this allegation.

They are bewildered that the attorney general and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had persistently pursued this case with single-minded determination. Many may view this as nothing but political vendetta when they compare the RM2.6bn colossal and outlandish scandal allegedly involving the prime minister.

More so, when they remember that no culprit has been booked after stark and overwhelming evidence of corruption was unearthed, exposed and staring at us. Malaysians are obviously dumbfounded with disbelief! How can this massive corruption be overlooked and ignored?

It is this comparison – the manner in which Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has been treated in spite of glaring and irrefutable evidence that warrants arrest and charge – that impels Malaysians to conclude that, in the case of Guan Eng, it is selective prosecution motivated by political considerations.

You can’t erase this perception by ignoring public opinion. As long as Najib is not charged for his corruption, Malaysians will remain sceptical about our justice system.

So many police reports have been made by the critics of the Barisan Nasional concerning so many various cases of corruption. But the police and the MACC have not swung into action with such efficiency in the way they had acted in the case involving Guan Eng. How long did it take for Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, the former Menteri Besar of Selangor, to be charged in court and to be finally convicted?

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The many police reports of corruption, abuse of power, human rights violations, custodial deaths, etc made by so many concerned Malaysians have not seen the light of day. This is what they claim as selective prosecution.

Under BN rule, things have got worse. Institutions of justice are no longer shining examples of virtue. According to perceptive Malaysians, they have all been undermined.

It is now left to the people to wake up to the urgent need for change and do something to bring about that change. As Lord Denning said, “Silence is not an option when things are ill done.”

It is rightly said that “if everyone howled at every injustice, every act of barbarism, every act of unkindness, then we would be taking the first step towards a real humanity”.

It is the only way to right a wrong and bring about a just society that will respect the rule of law.

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran Exco Member
30 June 2016

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