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Dissolution is the only solution

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Nothing has changed – only the roles have been reversed. The Pakatan Rakyat government had 31 seats in the Perak State Assembly to the Barisan Nasional’s 28 seats. It had a majority of 3 seats.

This status which had served the Pakatan Rakyat to govern the state of Perak in a reasonable manner has been corrupted by the involvement of top leaders from the BN who have been instrumental in encouraging party hopping. This politics of corruption has sidelined the people’s mandate and has created the possibility of a change of government in the most dishonourable and despicable manner.

If the majority of three was not sufficient to guarantee the stability of the Pakatan state government, how could the same majority of three ensure stability for the BN government? This uncertainty caused by a slim majority will continue to haunt and hound whoever is in charge of the state government from henceforth.

This situation will only enhance the politics of corruption. More attempts will be made by both sides to entice crossovers in order to remain in power and retain control. Is this what we want? Do we want muddied politics or clean and fair politics rooted in ethics and justice?

Malaysians are disgusted and disappointed with the turn of events in Perak. There is wide-spread anger and anguish in the hearts of all thinking and caring Malaysians. They are revolted that Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the prime-minister-in-waiting, is part of this development that has tarnished their concept of democracy.

Perak certainly deserves a government that is untainted, honest and upright which reflects the will of the people. Perak should be governed as mandated through the electoral process. Any thing short of this is unacceptable and offensive to our notion of what is fair and just.

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The present impasse can only be settled by referring this grave matter to the people. Let them decide who should govern the state of Perak. Let them choose their government through the democratic process. In a democracy the will of the people must prevail.

Aliran would like to appeal to His Royal Highness, once again, with humility and a sense of responsibility, to allow his subjects to determine the government they want by dissolving the Perak State Assembly.

P Ramakrishnan


5 February 2009

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