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Rawang shootings: What actually took place?


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Aliran is deeply concerned over the recent Rawang shootings, which claimed the lives of three men.

The three killed were S Mahendran, 23, G Thavaselvan, 31, and Sri Lankan national V Janarthanan, 40. A fourth person, G Moganambal, 35 – who is Janarthanan’s wife and Thavaselvan’s sister – was allegedly at the scene but is now missing.

According to the police, the three men, alleged to have been involved in an armed robbery, were killed during an exchange of fire. Police said a search of their vehicle found two semi-automatic handguns, three machetes and face masks. 

But subsequent media reports have highlighted the conflicting narratives between the police and the families of the deceased.

The families of the deceased have disputed the police allegations that the three men were involved in criminal activity. The families instead claimed that the four had gone out for dinner in Serdang before they were allegedly “kidnapped” and shot at by police in Batu Arang, Rawang.

The conflicting narratives are bizarre and unacceptable.

While criminal activity in the country is a cause for deep concern, police shootings resulting in the deaths of alleged criminal suspects have also raised concern.

This is not the first time police shootings have taken place. Time and again the issue of police professionalism is raised.

The inspector general of police has announced that an inquest will be held into the shooting of the three men in Rawang.

Meanwhile, the father of the siblings – the deceased Thavaselvvan and missing Moganambal – has apparently released a video that may assist in getting at the truth. The video must be thoroughly investigated.

The answers being sought will not bring the men back – but they could reveal what actually happened that night and shed some light on Moganambal’s whereabouts.

The cost of these lost lives to the affected families, especially their children, is simply unimaginable.

Aliran executive committee

22 September 2019

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Dominic Damian
29 Sep 2019 12.33pm

There is always this very standard media comment that is produced for consumption. The narratives do not differ very much. If one reads two such reports, one will be reading either a photocopy or plagiarised version. The similarities are striking, the storyline is unwaveringly accurate in its replication. The international protocols on the discharge of firearms is consistently breached. The alleged weapons that were in possession of the dead especially the firearms which have traceability by virtue of serial numbers is not investigated. There is no blood splatter on the weapons if they were shot with weapons in hand. The conspiracy is simply unavoidable and unacceptable. There should be transparency.

24 Sep 2019 2.51pm

I had just written some comments. ‘Education’ of the police, some of our politicians, in all clarity and ethical principles-that Malaysia IS a multiethnic, multireligious nation, is an urgent need todaySingapore, Hong Kong, Bhutan, can be emulated.They are very watchful of law-makers, police, leaders, and crime is minimal there we believe.We surely can take the positive aspects in their systems and adapt them to our nation. Excuses that we are different don’t hold any water any longer.We live in a globalised world. Progress is the key focus.Death penalty is inhuman.Only God has a right to take a life.Govts and authorities, mandated a duty and service for and over society, can help rehabilitate people to the RIGHT ways.START now pls.

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
24 Sep 2019 4.11am

Presently, in any civilized country worth its name, people, not just citizens, celebrate their individual lives for all that these are worth with the active encouragement of the State. However, where a capital crime has been committed, only the State enjoys the right to take away life, but this must always be done after the due process of law.

This means that the offending individual(s) must be given the right to know the charge they face and then the INALIENABLE right of defence that the State can lead evidence in a public trial to attach guilt.

Nowhere in the Constitution of any civilised State is “shooting to kill” any offender ever allowed. So now, if this is true, can we put a stop to such regrettable killings, apprehend the the kill

Govind M. S. Munu
22 Sep 2019 10.51pm

Inquest investigation will shed some lights on this case.

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