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Refer Kit to Rights and Privileges Committee

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Barisan MP for Pasir Salak Tajuddin Abdul Rahman had alleged in Parliament on 6 April 2010 that Lim Kit Siang had served as a political officer to former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Tajuddin had also alleged that “a leader in Penang” was selling state secrets to Hong Kong and Singapore .

We can presume that he was referring to Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister.

Kit Siang reacted by flatly stating, “This is not true, so he (Tajuddin) should be referred to the committee.”

Accordingly, Kit Siang moved a motion to refer Tajuddin to the Rights and Privileges Committee. But Tajuddin was adamant in his allegation and countered Kit Siang’s denial by claiming in the House, “I don’t like to lie or make slanderous statements with malicious intent. I am responsible for what I say.”

In responding to Kit Siang’s motion, Tajuddin took an uncompromising position. He stated, “If the House thinks I should be referred to the committee, no problem. I will take it. I’m prepared to face all the consequences. If you want to suspend me, go ahead but I believe in what I said.”

In this case, both of them could not be lying – but one of them definitely did. The question is: Who was lying?

When Kit Siang’s motion was put to the vote, it was defeated by 82 to 56 votes.

What was the implication of this voting?

Simply put, the Barisan Nasional MPs took a position that Tajuddin was telling the truth and that Kit Siang was lying. It meant that they did not believe Kit Siang’s denial that he did not serve as a political officer to Lee Kuan Yew. It meant that Tajuddin did not mislead the House but it was Kit Siang who was guilty of misleading.

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This being the case, the BN MPs should refer Kit Siang to the Rights and Privileges Committee. They have no other course or choice except to compel the Rights and Privileges Committee to take action against Kit Siang for misleading the House. Failure to do so would imply that the BN dominated Parliament is trying to cover up a lie – worse still, it may be construed that Parliament is protecting a lie.

They must also take action to suspend Lim Guan Eng from Parliament because he has been accused of selling state secrets to foreign countries. This is a treasonable action and the person guilty of this conduct is a traitor to this nation. No traitor should be sitting in our Parliament.

The IGP, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, must give priority to investigating this serious allegation. He should drop all other cases and concentrate on this as a matter of urgency. The AG, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, must start framing charges against Guan Eng at once. The hands of the IGP and the AG have been strengthened by Parliament’s voting.

Both of them should spring into action now that they have Parliament’s backing.

Obviously, Tajuddin has the evidence to back up his allegations. That’s why he didn’t mind being referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee. This case, therefore, should be wrapped up in a jiffy.

If Parliament fails to act, then Tajuddin must publicly make his allegations outside Parliament because he has the evidence. Remember what he said: “I don’t like to lie…” In other words, he was telling the truth and that he has the evidence to back up his accusation.

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Under the circumstances, would Kit Siang or Guan Eng dare to sue him? Even if they did, Tajuddin should be able to provide the evidence in the court of law and fix them for good.

We cannot have a liar and a traitor smugly sitting in Parliament, making a mockery of our democratic process.

Parliament, Tajuddin, the IGP and the AG all owe it to the nation to act in the national interest.

They must not fail us.

P Ramakrishnan
13 April 2010

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