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Resist attempted coup in Malaysia!

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Aliran is disgusted over the political chicanery of politicians who have clearly betrayed the people’s trust and put their lust for power over the country’s interests and future.

This pack of plotters’ political manoeuvring and attempted coup over the weekend does not augur well for the country. It is obviously an attempt to oust the duly elected Pakatan Harapan government and subsequently install a ‘back door government’. This dishonours the people’s mandate that was given to PH in the 2018 general election.

We, the people, have a democratic right to choose the next government if the PH government should fall as a result of these political machinations. Politicians do not make the choice for us. We have the legitimate right to choose a government in a parliamentary democracy.

It is an insult to the intelligence of the rakyat when this cabal of plotters claim that what they are doing is to act as a “balancer for the sake of stability”, especially when many members of the group are not known for their democratic practices and reform agenda. It is even more worrying when a few of them are heavily tainted with corruption charges and allegations.

The main reason Malaysians, especially civil society, called for change ahead of the last general election was that we were tired of politicians who were deceitful, unprincipled and self-serving, who manipulated race and religion for their own ends.

It would be a living nightmare for us all if such characters return with a vengeance. What would become of the promised reforms?

Civil society has a much bigger role to play in a nation that has been undermined by corrupt and unscrupulous politicians. Not only do we need to be vigilant against these undemocratic and unprincipled moves, we must build principled leaders.

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The immediate future may not look too bright right now, but the struggle must go on for those who believe in creating a new Malaysia.

Aliran executive committee
24 February 2020

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