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The political game must end

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Democracy is in crisis in Perak. When politicians don’t respect the democratic process or accept the verdict of the people as their choice of government it is democracy that falls victim to these unscrupulous elements.

What had happened in Perak is the subversion of the people’s government by elements courting unethical and corrupt people to bring about the downfall of a duly elected government.

This dishonourable government that was created by the BN to frustrate the will of the people now finds itself out-manoeuvred and out-smarted by the original group that was elected into power as the people’s government.

It would appear that there would be no end to this political game unless fresh elections are held for the people to settle this issue once and for all. People are frustrated and angry that the government elected to govern is unable to govern.

Governance through their elected representatives has come to a standstill. This situation is intolerable and totally unacceptable. This stalemate should not be allowed to linger on.

The only solution to resolve this predicament is to dissolve the state assembly and hold fresh elections. This is something that Aliran has been advocating ever since the trouble started in Perak.

Since the Election Commission seems to be willing and eager to conduct elections simultaneously on April 7, 2009, it would be appropriate to have the Perak state elections on April 7 as well!

In the interest of the nation the crisis in Perak must be brought to an end through the will of the people. Let the people decide decisively their choice of government. This is very crucial particularly at a time when concrete strategies from an accountable government are sorely needed to combat the ravages of recession.

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Let the political game end forthwith and let’s get back to the serious business of running a government in the interest of the people and the state.


P Ramakrishnan


19 February 2009

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