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1MDB: When eagles converge, ordinary citizens take courage

Rais Yatim - Photo credit: arkib.gov.my
Rais Yatim - Photo credit: arkib.gov.my

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Will Najib, his cabinet ministers and all those being implicated be able to fight off the growing strength of establishment critics now circling over 1MDB, wonders JD Lovrenciear. 

With the latest lambasting from Rais Yatim and Rafidah Aziz over the 1MDB scandal, it is hard not to draw a parallel with eagles descending or assembling.

Imagine for a moment how Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s fortress is gaining strength in highlighting the 1MDB debacle ahead of the general election.

Now, Rafidah and Rais have joined in, both aiming pointed barbs in the direction of Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has not yet given believable, satisfactory and watertight answers to defuse the local and global media exposes. These exposes continue to raise more dissatisfaction among the educated and informed masses.

Citizens inevitably are left to take stock of the growing number of ‘eagles’ coming together.

Rafidah was a leading minister in the Mahathir administration. A noted financial and economic wizard, she was, by no accident or convenience, tagged as the ‘Iron Lady of Asia’.

And Rais Yatim, regarded as a learned man, has unexpectedly raised eyebrows. Netizens have showered him with accolades for standing up to be counted in his recent face-off with Najib’s entourage and others in Umno.

Strength (and even hope) is building up as these eagles converge, descending upon a common cause and concern that has plagued and infected the soul of this nation and its people, at least those who care enough for their country.

Malaysians will be watching with great anticipation as they start counting the eagles: Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and now Rafidah and Rais.

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Already there are tongues wagging in speculation about certain past MCA leaders like Dr Ling Liong Sik and Dr Chua Soi Lek, who may add to the numbers of eagles joining forces.

Would others – the likes of Musa Hitam, Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Gani Patail – also join forces and speak their minds and hearts? Such is the growing expectations among patriotic citizens who remain unconvinced by Najib, Rosmah Mansor, Arul Kanda, the attorney general, the inspector general of police or any of the existing cabinet ministers – no matter how hard Najib’s team keeps trying.

The question is, will Najib and his current inventory of cabinet ministers and all those being implicated be able to fight off the growing strength of these politically proven eagles?

Another thought that is becoming the staple of discussions among concerned citizens is, will Umno be able to consolidate its weakening MCA and MIC partnerships, who have largely remained silent on 1MDB, the Scorpene purchases, and the Altantuya murder? These are some of the concerns that are gaining traction in the social and public space of concerned citizens.

If Najib’s strategy to discredit Mahathir, the prime minister needs to convince the public that the descending eagles have been all gullible or taken in by his nemesis’ rhetoric. This the people will not buy because they had lived and grown under the strength of these eagles during the Mahathir administration.

It would be most interesting to watch what unfolds in the days and weeks leading up to the general election.

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If Najib’s advisers get the prime minister to peddle threats that those opposed to the BN are anti-government, it could backfire because the people, who are increasingly looking to the growing number of eagles-on-the-attack, may retort: “These eagles were our leaders and formed the very government that Najib now heads. So what is so anti-government about our stand in support of these eagles?”

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Hassan Wahab
20 Mar 2018 6.38pm

Real and honest Rais Yatim. I fully support you. May God bless you forever .

20 Mar 2018 6.31pm

To be honest some of these “eagles” themselves were part of the problem that we face today. Specifically the cronyism, the racial and religious agendas, the corruption and the “father knows best” attitude. But on a personal note it is these same “eagles” who MUST right the wrong that they themselves help create.

As for Rais Yatim, he is either very naive or trying to get a “get out of jail free” card. Why stop at Jho Low? Who does he think gave Jho Low all the authority and access? Seriously it’s a little too late to start speaking up now. Did he wait for all the other eagles to speak up until he decided it was safe for him to do so? Question is, what about the other eagles? Are you with the rakyat or not?

20 Mar 2018 5.29pm

Eagles? The type that soars, or the type that pluck little innocent lambs , esp the for… https://t.co/tLz9MjYCUv

Tengku JW
20 Mar 2018 5.34pm

Time to buried Umno … for 1000 years!

Suriza Hing Abdullah
20 Mar 2018 7.29pm
Reply to  Tengku JW

Bury them FOREVER! 😡

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