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Carcosa: A story of betrayal

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A word of advice for people, say from Sik or Selama: if you stray into Carcosa, remember that if you cannot pronounce the French dishes, you probably cannot afford them, reports our correspondent.

Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman united the country and successfully won independence for Malaya in 1957. The transition from colonial rule to independence was quick and peaceful.

Tunku was a man of great honesty and integrity and possessed a great capacity for friendship. In appreciation of British willingness to grant independence peacefully, big-hearted Tunku gave Carcosa, a rest house, to the British to seal our friendship with Britain.

The British on their part turned Carcosa into the Commonwealth Club, which was a popular watering-hole for British and Commonwealth officers in the country.

Then a half-past six Prime Minister, who was fiercely anti-British, felt that Malay sovereignty was violated by Britain owning a bit of land in the country. As always, Umno made use of Umno youth to agitate for the reclamation of Carcosa. This went against all norms of Malay as well as Malaysian culture. The British knew too well a refusal on their part would mean having to deal with Umno mobs and thugs. They returned Carcosa without a fuss although they must have realised it was never meant to be an Indian gift.

Carcosa was renamed Carcosa Seri Negara, ostensibly to give it the flavour of national pride. But in actual fact, “Carcosa” and Seri Negara aka Gulai House are separate buildings.

Like the NEP, which the Umnoputra and their cronies hijacked to plunder the nation’s wealth to enrich themselves, they hijacked Carcosa for their own use. Now Carcosa is touted as the place for fine French dining. To cater to lesser mortals, Seri Negara, an adjacent annex, offers ‘nasi lemak’, probably at RM30-40 a plate and other Malaysian fare.

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Executive Chef, Laurent Colin, recommends the following out-of-this-world dishes to satisfy your palate:

Fine French

Chocolate Ganache and Banana Fudge, White Chocolate and Coconut Mousse
Highly romantic with a surprising twist, there’s no better way to end a meal

Crispy Goat Cheese Raviolis with Endive and Beetroot Salad
Whet your appetite for more with this deep fried creation with a tang

Roasted Hokkaido Bay Scallops with Black Truffle Dressing and Barley Risotto
Comfortably satisfying without going overboard, this is a must-try for seafood lovers

On any given day, especially during weekends, chauffer-driven Mercs, BMW 7-series, Ferraris etc bring herds of Umnoputra and their cronies in their designer clothes, designer shoes and designer hairdos, embellished with glittering diamonds, to gorge themselves with Fine French Food.

The government has announced plans to upgrade Carcosa Seri Negara to a six-star hotel. Its current 23 rooms would be increased to between 80-100 rooms. At present, the 13 guest rooms go for between RM1,000 to RM 3,500, which mostly only the Umnoputra and their cronies can afford. What more with the upgrading into a six-star hotel, rooms will be prestigiously priced.

So dear ordinary Malay brothers and sisters, Carcosa is another symbol of the betrayal by Ummoputras of the poor Malays in whose name Carcosa was taken back from the British.

A word of advice for people, say from Sik or Selama. If you stray into Carcosa, remember that if you cannot pronounce the French dishes, you probably cannot afford them

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