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Deny, refute or sue

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P Ramakrishnan calls upon the Prime Minister to shed some light on the allegations of rape of an Indonesian implicating a Cabinet Minister, which have surfaced on the Internet and could have damaging consequences on the government.

Najib and Abdullah need to clarify – Photo courtesy of theepochtimes.com

Is it a rumour – or is it a fact – that is swirling around in the internet implicating a minister in the Prime Minister’s cabinet of having raped his Indonesian maid? The implications are serious and cast doubts over the integrity of the Malaysian cabinet.

One blog has even gone to the extent of naming the minister as the culprit involved in this heinous crime. Disappointingly, the minister concerned has not denied or refuted the allegation. He has not even threatened to sue those making this allegation. His silence in the face of wide-spread circulation of his alleged brutal conduct is bound to have repercussions on the Prime Minister and the Barisan Nasional. Silence is not an option – honour demands a response.

It is incumbent on the Prime Minister to defend the integrity of his cabinet members, So far there has been no response from the PM. His silence does not bode well for his government or for his image. At the least, Malaysians would expect the PM to rally round the members of his cabinet and declare that they are above suspicion and that their integrity is intact. He has not done that.

Surprisingly, this alleged criminal activity is believed to have taken place in 2007 when Abdullah Badawi was the Prime Minister and Najib was the DPM. Malaysians would find it hard to believe that they were unaware of this crime, if it had taken place. Was there a cover up to save the minister concerned? If that was the case, why did Najib appoint him as a minister in his cabinet instead of dropping him? He owes us an explanation.

It is reported that the Indonesian maid who was allegedly a rape victim was sent home. Didn’t the Indonesian government take up this matter since one of their nationals was apparently brutalised by the lust of a cabinet minister? Or was it a case of sacrificing the dignity of a poor maid in the interest of preserving bilateral relations of Malaysia and Indonesia?

Aliran calls upon the Prime Minister to shed some light on this matter and dispel the rumours that are bound to have damaging consequences on his government. Malaysians have a right to deserve a cabinet that is untainted and unblemished. It is the PM’s responsibility to ensure that.

P Ramakrishnan is president of Aliran

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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vijayan (abdul manja)
vijayan (abdul manja)
5 Jan 2011 7.37pm

Please Rama, remove the report and publish Dato Seri Utama’s own statement which he has already made, so that the truth is clear to everyone.

5 Jan 2011 5.29am

Introducing all readers to the high tech world of hidden surveillance and mind altering electronics like Passive Millimeter Wave Technology or EMF based wave weapons. Half of the wealthiest and most influencial non-Muslims in Malaysia could get thrown into jail for if that law is passed. Afraid if the government makes owning such things illegal? P Ramakrishnan is missing out the black ops or illegal electronic weaponry.technological aspect of things in this article, perhaps intentionally in collusion with BN government? ALL READERS …. was manipulated into raping the maid via sub-aurals and EMF and possibly certain drugs that made him unable to control himself the combination is very effective on most people unless they have the luxury of becoming extremely anti-social to compensate…. Neuro-linguistic programming also could have played a strong part in grooming targets with dr.Evil’s resources, he could get any number of people to ‘say things’ to manipulate … mental state, then drug them. The combination is quite final. A law against use or ownership of such electronic weapons should be immediately put in place and all who are in ownership of such devices… Read more »

abdul manja
abdul manja
4 Jan 2011 9.39pm

Please leave … alone. He is a good man, genuinely dedicated to building a better society for all Malaysians. Anyway what makes you think the maid is a saint? You prefer to trust someone you don’t even know anything about, as compared to your own Minister. Probably the maid is out to gain some mileage out of tarnishing a good man’s image, and you people are falling into her trap. Or are you doing this on purpose? What a silly thing to highlight when your own leader stands accused of such a terrible act against which this is nothing! Please go for someone else and not a man whom the country deserves as PM or at least DPM. A Minister does not have to answer every silly accusation made by people with too much time on their hands. Aren’t the people highlighting such news ashamed of themselves. Where is your dignity and honour in reporting worthwhile news. Why take up the cause of a woman who has no honour or dignity. She and her associates are probably trying to gain something or other for herself, and… Read more »

4 Jan 2011 10.46pm
Reply to  abdul manja

You seem to be lost as to the nature of the crime, what has transpired since and the silence that is being emanated from the said minister/PM/ex-PM.
Your reasoning that
1)”A minister does not have to answer every silly accusation…” does not hold any water when the said accusation is backed with documents of an investigation. This does not fall into your category of “every silly accusation”.
2) The maid could be out to gain some mileage… does not hold any water as well as
i) the maid has made some requests to the contrary and;
ii) the manner in which the report was picked out rules out your theory of the maid’s alleged intention

In any case, the reasoning you put forth that a minister should be allowed to keep his silence when posed with such accusations because of his ministerial position is crude and demeaning.
May I ask you this, being a minister in high office, does he not have an obligation or at the very least, could it be so harmful, to do just as this reporter says?

8 Jan 2011 1.38pm
Reply to  Leonidas

Leonidas, you are a sensible sounding person with a good brain trying to argue sense with someone who has clearly abandoned all sense of any sort. It is clear the accused has no choice except he either clears his name himself or through a legal counsel as in this case there is apparently a written complaint. If abdul manja has any facts he/she use state them instead of trying to argue using subjective reasoning – ‘he is a good man’ is certainly subjective.

andrew lin, sydney
andrew lin, sydney
4 Jan 2011 2.30pm

“Silence is not an option – honour demands a response.” Most appropriate words to describe this latest scandal before the nation. It’s unthinkable that a member of his majesty’s cabinet (one who is better off academically by comparison with the others) should (allegedly) choose to satisfy his lust in such a barbaric fashion.

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