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Goodwill of the police?

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After almost a month in detention with no logical reasoning, the Malaysian public is now supposed to believe that not only the do police have goodwill, but they are also an ‘independent’ body in this country. Our correspondent can only shake her head in disbelief.

Some of the detained PSM activists in a police truck

I occasionally still read the local Malaysian news in The Star and it never fails to serve as a grim reminder of the sad and ridiculous state of affairs in our country. In an online news article in The Star website, the title stood out: “Najib: Decision to free PSM six based on goodwill of police.”

Goodwill of the police? Goodwill as defined in a dictionary is “friendly, helpful or cooperative feelings or attitude”. Is Najib kidding us? Even if he is kidding us, one would expect more common sense from a so-called mainstream newspaper in its reporting.

In one instance, the title of the article is actually hilarious and laughable. But as it sinks in, it is disgusting to have blatant lies staring at us…over and over again. After almost a month in detention with no logical reasoning and a total violation of any basic human rights, the Malaysian public is now led to believe that not only the police have goodwill, but that they are also an “independent” body in this country.

Read the article, and it states that MIC president G Palanivel thanked Najib and Hishammuddin for taking prompt action. Now, this is in total contradiction to what we are supposedly led to believe by Najib. Why would Palanivel thank Najib and Hishammuddin? What prompt action is Palanivel referring to? We were led by Najib to believe that the police are supposed to be “independent” but Palanivel indicates otherwise. By thanking Najib and Hishammuddin, Palanivel gives us the impression that the duo instructed the police to release the EO 6. So much for independence! Yet another reason why I am “led to believe” that BN is totally unfit to govern Malaysia. Lies and contradictions! Is it any wonder that the credibility of The Star has gone down the drain?

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Personal testimonials by the EO 6 indicate that it was mental torture during their detention period. How can solitary confinement, hours of interrogation, being blindfolded and handcuffed be considered “friendly, helpful or cooperative feelings”? Any right-thinking Malaysian will be able to come to a logical and rational conclusion that their detention is an absolute abuse of power by BN.

The trials and tribulations of the EO 6 are another reminder for all right-thinking Malaysians that it is up to us to put a stop to all this nonsense. Deceit, stupidity, arrogance and the abuse of human rights practised by BN should not be tolerated any longer. The majority of people reading this article will, in most probability, be on the same wavelength as me. Let’s proactively reach out to the many others who have no access to alternative media and tell them the truth.

It is no longer about “Indians, Chinese, Malays or Others”. It is about being Malaysian and it is about humankind. And it’s time we take charge in creating the truly “1Malaysia” that we desire.

The coming GE13 is the defining moment for all peace-loving and right-thinking Malaysians. If it is to be, it is up us!

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