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Questions, questions and more questions

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Tota comes up with a list of questions that people abroad have often asked about Malaysia and Malaysian politicians.

Ng Yen Yen - Photograph: mca.org.my

A group of us who have travelled in the US, Canada, England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand were discussing Minister Yen Yen’s statement, after one of her endless overseas trips (lawatan sambil belajar, I suppose!), that someone had asked her whether we have an MP who had bitten a policeman’s ear a la Mike Tyson style.

Now, now if it comes to questions, we have been asked lots of questions overseas about Malaysia and Malaysian politicians. One cannot stop people asking questions. Below is a sampling of questions that people overseas asked us:

Is it true that…..

  1. The civil service, police, judiciary, the Election Commission and the Registrar of Societies have apparently become tools of the BN government?
  2. Corruption among the police, the government politicians and civil servants is perceived as a way of life?
  3. A currency smuggler was appointed minister in the last government?
  4. That a former chief minister allegedly accused of statutory rape is now chairman of a quasi-government body?
  5. People wearing black or orange T-shirts were considered threats to national security at one time?
  6. People holding candle-light vigils for the release of ISA detainees have been considered threats to national security?
  7. A current cabinet minister was alleged to have raped his Indonesian maid?
  8. In the case of the Mongolian woman’s murder, the one who apparently told the truth had to flee the country unlike the one who apparently lied are and is living happily ever after in Malaysia?
  9. Discredited, discarded and disgraced politicians have been appointed to the cabinet?
  10. A political cartoonist is considered a threat to national security?
  11. A woman who once held Australian PR status is now a cabinet minister?
  12. Malaysia is regarded the world champion for snatch thefts?
  13. Because of galloping crime rates, women do not carry handbags and wear jewellery when out of their homes as a precaution?
  14. Tourist couples are required to produce their marriage certificates when moral police come knocking on their hotel room doors?
  15. Malaysia is a police state, as alleged by an ex-PM?
  16. Racist policies are cleverly camouflaged as NEP or affirmative action to help the Malays?
  17. Government ministers at times lie to parliament and get away with it?
  18. The ruling party indulges in activities perceived to be highly unethical to win elections?
  19. The BN keeps its power through a horribly unfair and shamelessly gerrymandered electoral system?
  20. The Umnoputras and their cronies have, as alleged by many people, robbed, plundered and looted the country’s wealth and stashed it in secret bank accounts, in high-end properties and land?
  21. The former Umno lawyer who admitted to indulging in corrupt practice in the legal system is now Chief Justice?
  22. Malaysia has been living under several emergency rules since 1948?
  23. BN is scared to hold local council elections for fear of losing urban areas to the opposition?
  24. There is one law for Umno and another for the others, as claimed by some?
  25. More than a hundred suspects have died in police custody without proper coroner’s inquests conducted in most cases?
  26. The Sedition Act is never used against Umno extremists and their supporters who preach hatred and violence against non-Muslims?
  27. Town plans, statistics on violence against women, PSD scholarship recipients etc are classified under the Official Secrets Act?
  28. That Muslim men in Malaysia can divorce their wives via SMS?
  29. That Muslim couples, married or courting, are arrested if they are found having Valentine’s Day dinner?
  30. 1Malaysia is a farce and a big hoax because no action is taken against Muslim bigots and extremists whose brazen actions are destroying national unity?

(some questions have been omitted because they are unprintable)

Tota is a frequent Aliran correspondent

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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najib manaukau
25 Apr 2013 1.10pm

Surely you can come up with more than the 30 question questions listed above ? I have so many questions to be included that they will take years to have them listed. Why do you think people always refer to the civil servants as one of the most lazy and corrupted ones in this part of Asia, if not in the world ? Simply they know there is nothing their masters in Umno can do about them as the rapscallions in Umno are even more corrupted than they are. What they take are crumbs compared to what the warlords in Umno are helping themselves and the civil servants know that the morons are too busy to care or to investigate what the civil servants are doing, not to mention (many) of these civil servants are of their own kind and (prone) to corruption !

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