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Star, do not stoop so low! Have some decency

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John Inbaraj urges the management of The Star to recognise in its news coverage that certain groups’ persistent attacks on the Penang state government have gone a little overboard.

Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman - Photo credit: The Star

I chanced upon The Star (Metro edition of 19 February 2011) and was deeply disturbed by what I read under the caption “PHT denies challenging CM”. The last four paragraphs were dedicated to Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman, Chairman of the Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Malaysia, who is perhaps better known for his tirades against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as the Komtar Merchants Association deputy president.

Mohamed Ghani presented three bouquets of “black” roses, a papaya and a small bunch of bananas to the CM’s special assistant, Ong See Fook, to be passed to his boss.

According to The Star, “Mohamed Ghani said the bouquets were for Lim, his political secretary Ng Wei Aik and the DAP. The reason why each bouquet has four roses is because ‘four’ has a bad meaning in Chinese. We also know that Lim does not like to eat bananas or papaya; so that is the reason we are giving them to him.”

That a national daily saw it fit to carry a death (the number four is associated with death in Chinese) wish on a democratically elected leader is sickening. That the Star is aligned to MCA makes the matter worse. Besides a complete lack of sensitivity, is the Star so blind a stooge to Umno?

Umno’s persistent attacks on Lim Guan Eng and the Penang government and its dogged condemnation of everything and anything that the government has done have gone a little too far. The DAP and its PR coalition allies is the democratically elected government of Penang and all quarters must respect this right of the people of Penang.

The media has a strong role to play in propagating the ideals of democracy. Such vengeance by the Star and any media for that matter is undemocratic, unbecoming and quite unwarranted.

I do hope that someone in the higher echelons of The Star’s management will direct an apology to Lim Guan Eng and ensure that they never stoop to such levels of indecency in the future.

John Inbaraj is an Aliran member

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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25 Feb 2011 8.24am

I have observed the Star’s slide to crappiness began some years ago yet to think, that during my school days I could spend hours reading the paper everyday and shun all other local English dailies because Star had a more balanced news reporting and offer a wide variety of non-news articles. Sad to see this happening but Star has just lost one loyal customer.

24 Feb 2011 11.32pm

Aliran is a lapdog of DAP. A hopeful sounding site but not with any substance. So ball up your fist for all you want, the dark stripes earned will always stay as befitting evil actions of an evil zeitgeist of Penang’s hive until reparations are made with equitable and appropriate compensation.

Penang is effectively bankrupt.

Penang must remember that STAR was born of the WORLD and that Penang comes under the WORLD’s jurisdiction, not the other way around.

23 Feb 2011 1.21pm

STAR must remember that it was born in Penang, supported by many people in Penang.

So if Star continues to do what it does…high time Penang people withdraw its support and let it go the way of the other english newspaper in malaysia…

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