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The greatest lie

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Tota takes a light-hearted look at some of the ‘hot’ episodes in recent months.

The greatest lie

During the Sarawak elections, Najib said that the greatest lie of the century was told by Anwar when he claimed that Putrajaya would fall into the hands of the Opposition on 16 September 2008.

I think Anwar was indulging in poker bluff but Umno wet its pants! They immediately despatched 50 BN MPs, the most suspect I suppose, to Taiwan ostensibly to study agriculture! This was a great lie by BN, wasn’t it?

The greatest lie, I think, was told by someone who allegedly shared, sexually, a Mongolian girl with his crony but denied ever knowing her or meeting her – after the poor girl was blown to smithereens with the army explosive C4.

What about the other lie that someone never met Saiful, but when photos of this someone with the lad emerged, this someone admitted that Saiful had met him to ask for a scholarship?

An ex-half-past-six prime minister will also qualify to have told the greatest lie of the century. Remember his statement that Anwar’s black eye was self-inflicted?

Police tattoo

By all accounts the recently held police tattoo was a runaway failure. It was badly organised and spectators were kept waiting almost forty-five minutes because the police top brass were late! According to a spectator the only redeeming feature was the event in which the police played the role of jesters. It appears that at long last the police farce had found its true calling.

Anyway, even God appeared to be angry and the heavens opened up and the downpour appeared as if water-cannon was aimed at the police on the ground from above – with one difference. God the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate did not lace the water with chemicals.

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Bushmen come out of the bushes

At long last the bushmen have come out of the bush! Policemen will no longer hide in bushes or behind trees to apprehend traffic violators. Finally, the police have realised that as enforcers of the law they must not do it by stealth or by springing surprises. Even foreigners have commented that our police show a great love for bushes and trees! Some have even said cynically that our police have gone “green” and eco-friendly. At least in one area our police have decided to act in a civilised manner. Better late than never.

Nuclear reactors

While countries like Sweden and Germany have announced that they will give up nuclear power for their energy needs, Malaysia appears to be going headlong into constructing nuclear reactors. Chernobyl and Fukushima tragedies mean nothing to our Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) and the Umno-dominated BN government. Muhyiddin has announced the government’s decision to go ahead with building nuclear reactors. Why not?

Umnoputra contractors and their cronies may be rubbing their palms with glee at the prospect of making billions. They are looking forward to negotiated tenders with built-in provisions for cost-overuns.

All too often such negotiated contracts have resulted in Umnoputra contractors shortchanging the government (i.e. the people) with inferior materials and shoddy work. The evidence of this is glaring – collapsing computer labs, stadium roofs crashing, leaking roofs (remember the Parliament?), cracking flyovers, etc. These are the examples of NEP at work – in a disastrous way and totally detrimental to the country.

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Ex-PM Abdullah Badawi said that Malaysia has first world infrastructure but a third world mentality when it comes to maintenance.

Anwar and the pornographic tape

The sex-fixated Umno is at it again to fix Anwar by hook or by crook. The first sodomy charge collapsed but Anwar was fixed for abuse of power and Anwar served six years in prison. If the same law was applied to the half-past six prime minister who fixed him, he would have served more than 100 years in prison for the long list of abuse of power that he was guilty of! But given the type of police and the judiciary, he continues in his usual ways and is hailed as a great statesman.

Although the three Datuks had committed a heinous crime in keeping with the laws of the country, they walked free because a biased and rotten police force treats Umno criminals differently from other Malaysians. Zaid Ibrahim, a lawyer, who watched the pornography tape in a public place says that he had committed no crime. He claims that the tape is a documentary! Fine. Let’s turn Carcosa into a Movie House.

We have enough of such documentaries like the 18 Vije videotapes, the videotape of Soi Lek in action in a hotel in Batu Pahat. I wonder if videotapes exist of Baginda and his crony frolicking in a Paris hotel with the Mongolian girl or the same trio in a Singapore hotel indulging in natural and unnatural sex. These would make interesting viewing for the likes of Zaid.

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Larry Jay
Larry Jay
3 Sep 2011 3.48pm

UMNO/BN should be wiped out from the face of the Malaysian Parliament once & for all. They are the worst corrupted pest in Asia created by none other than Mahathir.

charlie chan
charlie chan
12 Aug 2011 9.57pm

After losing RM 8 billion, lawsuits n counter lawsuits were filed. now a new TERM created _ OFF SITE SOLUTION much better than QUANTITATIVE EASING BY OBAMA

telur dua
12 Aug 2011 11.57am

All this began with the MahaPharoah.

Lying is now the accepted culture of Politicians of the current ruling Party. They wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

12 Aug 2011 9.38am

Thanks for the light hearted look at lies (by UMNO/BN).

Sometimes I wonder if we are all actually living in a circus where the circus masters and members of the audience are wild animals and the rakyat are the show.
If so, then it might be a good idea for the rakyat to turn the tables around and hunt down these animals.

12 Aug 2011 8.25am

All the lies whether they are big lies or not so big lies, they are all lies, just like a homicide is a homicide. They were and still are all told by the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons. That is one of the many vices they are good at and the deceitful and corrupted morons from Umno is very good and famous for. WE must never forget that … Anwar was also ex-Umno and still is every inch a … morons from Umno. (How) … is (he) able to spend so much money now to travel around the world and pay so much for his hundreds of litigation on legal fees ? Not to mention his financial ability to take along a good for nothing punk abroad to make his ‘daily cup’ of coffee or milo every time he went abroad. Where he could be served a cup of coffee at the 5 Star hotels for a pittance he was staying in ?… You asked what offence has Anwar committed ? I would like to ask if that is the case why is he so obviously… Read more »

13 Aug 2011 12.58pm
Reply to  charleskiwi

To charleskiwi: I can understand if you have serious doubts about Anwar but I cannot understand why you follow the UMNO line that he has to prove his innocence. The correct and fair thing is for them to prove his guilt and from what we have seen so far, they have gone through a lot of highly, highly dubious moves. It is the unfairness of UMNO which make me absolutely furious with them. The unfairness and the lies and most of all the obvious hypocrisy make me wonder why any sane person still believes a single word, mark that, a single word! of what they say.

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