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The mysterious Silent Majority

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To act or not to act, requires complex reasoning which some may not have time to do and others may not care to do. Yet, the power of Good or Evil lies in the Silent Majority, writes Cristiano.

It is so amazing what a small act can spark. A simple sms greeting could bring peace on earth, if only it was meant sincerely. We are so used to sending out greeting cards and messages on religious and non-religious festivals, but don’t usually think of its value.

I was touched by a friend’s reply to my sms greeting for the Eid Festival last year. The sms said, “Thanks. In this Koran and church burning season, your good wishes are well appreciated.”

There is so much incitement to violence and hatred in this world and we don’t remain unaffected by it. A few retaliatory emails usually find their way into my inbox urging me to pass them on to wake the ‘silent majority’ up, by alarming them. It’s quite gross and mindless really, as whoever starts the chain doesn’t seem to realise that the mouse could turn into a monster like Robespierre’s Reign of Terror after the French Revolution.

The alleged ‘silent majority’ could find more positive ways to put peace into practice without becoming like the ‘fanatics’. There are many fanatics in history, not only amongst Christians or Muslims. To name one, the Nazi Adolf Hitler, the inventor of ethnic cleansing.

This clarion call is rather off-key, trying to make music on a false note. We must be wary of what music we listen to and which Pied Piper we follow. The ‘silent majority’ is probably in the habit of self-preservation or finding the best way to be seen as non-reactionary. Yet, silence often cloaks inner thoughts and feelings. Who knows what the ‘Silent Majority’ really thinks? Why is the majority silent in the face of obvious and blatant injustice?

Are we controlled by fear or is it mere herd instinct? Some claim the majority are cowed into silence, or have excused themselves from the responsibility to oppose injustice done to a minority amongst them – or even have vested interests at stake. Perhaps, the majority want to believe that the terrible things happening in this world are just another nightmare from which they will wake and forget in the morning sunshine. Still, the ‘sound of silence’ has its impact.

It takes courage to acknowledge that one may be wrong, even to ourselves. To act or not to act, requires complex reasoning which some may not have time to do and others may not care to do. Yet, the power of Good or Evil lies in the Silent Majority.

Cristiano is the pseudonym of an Aliran member.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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21 Apr 2011 10.06pm

You cannot deny that (discriminatory) policy is making Malaysia into (an outcast) amongst nations we were once head of, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan and South Korea. Time to stop talking about events or personalities and start running as independents, so many minor political parties, have not run in a single by-election or the Sarawak election for all the resources it supposedly has. All you well spoken people in Aliran here should really run in your constituencies to take the power away from bad people instead of wasting time discussing what bad people or potential non-entities like RPK and Haris or any BN racists… or PR nepotists do or do not do. It won’t make any difference how you feel or how much you type unless you take concrete action by running for candidacy to end any bad or racist candidate’s hold on that seat which gives them power to ruin the nation. Malays especially who believe in equality/freedom … and Vehicular AP free policy, Forced Conscription free policy, Toll Booth free policy, should step up in Malay constituencies to ‘gentrify’ the Malay race via policy and treatment… Read more »

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