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True peace comes from righting injustices

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Neither conventional military warfare nor shadowy acts of terror have the support of peace-loving people around the world, asserts Ronald Benjamin.

Source: desertpeace.wordpress.com


Those who carry the sword will perish by the sword; this is a self evident truth in the words of Jesus Christ. Osama bin Laden’s death has proven that violence begets violence; the killing of innocent people to meet ideological goals or to try and address an injustice has not produced any fruit. Any struggle that does not involve the collective struggle of the people but is instead a narrow-base militant or ideological struggle will make little headway.

The LTTE also embarked on such a narrow military struggle for liberation in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, without tapping the collective will of its people. It ultimately resulted in failure – proven by the annihilation of the LTTE. Israel, which has use military violence against the Palestinian people, is in a perpetual state of insecurity, and the same goes for the military wing of Hamas, which has yet to produce any sign of peace.

The Americans appear to be rejoicing at their victory in eliminating a terrorist like Osama. But in the process of assuring its hegemony of the Middle East, along with its unquestioning strategic support for the Zionist state, it may have sown the seeds of discord around the world. Where is this so-called victory heading to?

What is assured is more violence because there is still no solution in sight for the Palestinian issue. A destablised Libya is in the making and there’s also power play involved in the instigation of violence in Middle East nations that do not support the American cause. All this may be fertile ground for terrorism to flourish and rear its ugly head – because people who are in despair and without hope or who have seen their loved ones killed might be tempted to take up arms.

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It is vital to reflect on the issue of violence in the world whether it is through conventional military means or through shadowy acts of terrorism. Both ways do not have the support of peace-loving people around the world because both are narrow-base struggles that do not represent the people’s collective aspirations.

True peace comes from the desire to understand the truth of a situation by honestly acknowledging injustice and by playing a part in making things right. True peace comes from holding on to truths and recognising the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness. These values are in short supply in the world and no amount of killing terrorists will make the world safer.

Ronald Benjamin is an Aliran member based in Ipoh

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