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Mineral water bottles – A government’s nightmare!

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Minister Nazri must be having nightmares about mineral water bottles since the 28 April rally for clean, free and fair elections 3.0, observes Rakyat Jelata.

A few months ago, Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz expressed his fear that mineral water bottles (MWBs) could be as dangerous to an unpopular government as mobile phones in the hands of Arab protesters in Tahrir Square, Egypt. MWBs could be used to “topple” governments according to him (theSun, 14 June 2012).

The Minister must be having nightmares about MWBs since the 28 April rally for clean, free and fair elections 3.0 (dare one utter the B word?).

So, how can MWBs bring down the establishment? That mobile phones have the capability is plausible as cell phones are communication tools and the sophistication of these nowadays gives the cell phone capabilities beyond those of a simple communication tool.

Is the Minister fearful of having to face a barrage of MWBs when he steps out into the street one day? Or that he may bump into a giant MWB and be doused with its contents? Or that maybe the government offices would one day be barricaded by thousands of MWBs? Worse still MWBs full of water may be hurled at unpopular ruling party politicians by irate mobs?

In entertaining such speculation, the Minister is perhaps, expressing his personal fears of losing popularity to the extent that even MWBs have taken on the character of the ‘toyol‘. Moreover, perhaps this illogical notion is a prediction of an impending reality that has not yet been openly acknowledged or realised by BN politicians, especially those in the Cabinet circle.

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Hopefully, this irrational phobia of MWBs will not be translated into a ban on MWBs or cellphones. Then, again, if it is not MWBs it could be any other mundane object like eggs and tomatoes? Or SLIPPERS? Perhaps, then, Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz will start having nightmares about Hantu Tomato, Hantu Telur Busuk, Selipar Gergasi or Raksasa Kasut that may splat or trod on him one day!

Selamat malam, Minister, sleep well!

Rakyat Jelata is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to TA Online

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