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What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Tun

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Isn’t Mahathir, in his desperation to ensure the BN remains in power forever, indulging in undemocratic actions to deny the opposition the space and opportunity to form an alternative government that would guarantee the demise of the BN, wonders P Ramakrishnan.

Tun Dr Mahathir’s warning that the country may never see a Barisan Nasional (BN) government again if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is voted into Putrajaya, would provoke the response, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!” from many Malaysians who are totally fed up with BN rule.

After 55 years of BN rule, it is time to say, “Enough is enough! It’s time to go!!”

Mahathir should stop whining that the federal opposition would do “everything possible” to stay in power forever if they were to form the next government.

What’s wrong with that, Tun?

Didn’t you do that, Tun, to stay in power forever? Why is it when you did “everything possible” to cling on to power, it was the proper thing to do but it is utterly wrong now for others to aspire to, as you did.

Didn’t you refuse our beloved Tunku, the honest Hussein Onn, the fearless Tengku Razaleigh and others admission into Umno Baru so that you could remain in power forever without any opposition from within the party?

Didn’t you introduce the system of 10 bonus votes for every nomination you received from Umno divisions to ensure that you would continue to be the President of Umno without any threat of a challenge?

Didn’t you fix a minimum number of nominations from Umno divisions to be eligible to contest the president’s post? And didn’t this effectively prevent Tengku Razaleigh from challenging for the president’s post?

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Didn’t the BN amend the federal constitution to disqualify those who resigned and thereby forced a by-election so that you could not be put to the test again? The amendment came soon after Shahrir Samad resigned as a BN parliamentarian in 1988, forcing a by-election in Johor Bharu, which he won convincingly as an independent, thus embarrassing you in the process.

Didn’t you have absolute control of the party and government so that your position would remain unassailable as long as you chose to stick around?

Wasn’t the BN guilty of gerrymandering to ensure that the BN had the best advantage to win the elections so that you and the BN could lord over the nation forever?

Didn’t you destroy the judiciary in 1988 when you played a role in the sacking of the then Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas? Wasn’t it to preserve and perpetuate your position?

Didn’t you shackle the powers of the royalty by holding semarak gatherings throughout the country to run down the royalty and by amending the constitution so that you and the BN could remain in power forever without any obstacles or obstruction?

Didn’t the BN deny allocations for all elected MPs and State Assembly members – unfairly and unjustly – so that the BN could continue to rule forever by pulling the purse strings?

Didn’t the BN engineer the overthrow of the legitimately elected Pakatan government in Perak ignoring the choice of the voters so that the BN could forever continue to be in power by whatever means?

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Isn’t the BN hounding Anwar through trumped up charges and all other foul means to prevent his political ascendancy, which threatens the BN’s greed to remain in power forever?

Isn’t it because the BN wants to be in power forever – and by any means – that it is going after the brave Bersih leaders who had inspired Malaysians to march in their thousands demanding free and fair elections?

Aren’t you in your desperation to ensure the BN remains in power forever indulging in undemocratic actions to deny the opposition the space and opportunity to form an alternative government that would guarantee the demise of the BN?

Why is it, dear Tun, that only you and the BN can have the licence to do everything possible to remain in power forever? Why are you denying the loyal opposition the same opportunity to protect and preserve their position?

Haven’t you heard of the saying, “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”?

Your hypocrisy is really nauseating, Tun!

P Ramakrishnan, the immediate past president of Aliran, now serves on the Aliran executive committee.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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unfortunate victim of apartheid
16 Apr 2013 5.18am

I refer to this person Mahathir : Please take note: you may have b/millions in the bank but when you have lost our respect for you you have lost EVERYTHING. Feel so very sad and sorry for you and your kin.

Mustapha Kamal
Mustapha Kamal
30 Sep 2012 10.31pm

It’s not about “BN’s greed for power”, but about FEAR as to what would happen to the likes of Mahathir, should BN be defeated in the next general election. Fear is what is driving the leaders of BN now, not greed.

poh tiong ho
11 Sep 2012 6.15pm

The old man suddenly became a fortune teller.

9 Sep 2012 7.38am

Wonder what would the response to this be by the former Aliran president … Chandra Muzaffar A/L Pillai.

JS Yeap
JS Yeap
9 Sep 2012 5.58am

Evil Incarnate. It’s remarkable how many ordinary people in casual conversation offer this as their view of Dr M these days; sometimes it’s spat out.

It is all the more significant as no party has been vilifying him in any concerted fashion. Rather, it’s almost entirely due to his own actions since he left public office — and that was nine long years ago — that large sections of the public, Malay as well as non-Malay, view him today as truly, incorrigibly Evil: it’s been thru a peculiar process of self-demonisation. How, given that he brought it upon himself, can it be undeserved?

1 rubbish
1 rubbish
8 Sep 2012 9.08pm

who is the biggest DECEIVER in our nation?? your guess is always correct correct>>he lied to his teeth n finally admitted his GUILT– oh DSAI hit his own eye- self inflicted n finally who admitted the WRONG___ an x top COP.. if a PM could ie n get away — do u malaysians trust this MAN n HIS PARTY.. his (administrations’) legacy of corruption n misrule are documented in Barry Wain BOOK — malaysian maverick– so much for this man– please retire gracefully n if u loved this nation- please offer sound n fatherly advice n not spew poison

1 lose
1 lose
8 Sep 2012 9.01pm

Good article n well written with facts>> TUN DR M did everything within his AUTHORITY to stay in power for 22 years both in the party n in GOVT..Tun use of ruthless power were there for all to see– sack JUDGES to preserve his position?? TUN– do U owned this nation?? Only u can rule n no one else?? now u are reaping what u sowed in 1981,, your (administration’s) legacy of CORRUPTION is well documented IN BARRY WAIN BOOK– Malaysian Maverick>> so any comments on this BOOK.. are u so perfect n clean YES only your slogan is CLEAN — see BERSIH, CEKAP n AMANAH ha ha hi hi– who will take over PUTRAJAYA is decided by the VOTERS n NOT U alone??TDM — u had yr time n now u should give good advice to all — n not spew poison n divide– that is unbecoming of an x PM n an elderly man ,, please retire GRACEFULLY

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